what can you see with a 12 inch dobsonian telescope

What Can You See With a 12 Inch Dobsonian Telescope?

Introduction Everyone knows about the Dobsonians telescope. They are perfect for beginning astronomers, but many experienced amateurs enjoy them as well.  They are less costly and easier to use than other optics. With a stable mounting system. Cheaper doesn’t mean inferior, it can look quite further. So, what can you see with a 12-inch Dobsonian …

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zeiss binoculars warranty

Zeiss Binoculars Warranty- Explained!

Introduction  You are thinking about buying binoculars for a long time. Zeiss is a re-known brand but it is quite expensive. So, you are worried about the warranty.  You’re asking about the Zeiss binoculars warranty?  Zeiss binoculars come with a transferable limited lifetime guarantee but there are certain restrictions. They supply electronic subsystems, non-optical systems, …

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