8x42 vs 10x50

8×42 vs 10×50: Which One to Choose?


When considering binoculars for bird-watching or hunting, then only two binoculars come to the focus. These two binoculars are more convenient than the rest.

So which is better, 8×42 vs 10×50?

The main difference between the two binoculars despite the models and general features being similar is that they have differences in magnification. 8 x 42 binoculars are lightweight and easy to use for bird watching and hunting. 10 x 50 are heavy weight, durable and have higher magnitude.

We know that this is not enough for you to make up your mind. To know more about these two binoculars, read our article.. 

8×42 vs 10×50: Quick Comparison 

The binoculars differ from one another in size, quality and functions. The table is provided in brief, for your better understanding.

Title 8 x 42 10 x 50
General Feature Most 8 x 42 binoculars have roof prisms. Almost the majority of 10 x 50 binoculars have roof prisms.
Pricing Comparatively cheaper. The most expensive may not be near 100 €. More pricey and expensive. Ranges between 100 € to 300€.
Magnification Low magnification.  High magnification.
Light Transmission Low Light Transmission Rate. High Light Transmission rate.
Weight Lightweight, Easy to handle. Heavy in weight, 200gm more than 8×42
Field of View 10×50 generally provides you a field of view of 110 m / 1000 m. Fields of vision ranging from 130 m / 1000 m to 160 m / 1000 m with the 8×42.

Now, as we know the key features, where they can differentiate from each other. Let’s see in detail how these two actually differ.

Brief Discussion between 8×42 vs 10×50 Binoculars

Here we will find a detailed discussion regarding which binocular is better. The two binoculars go head on head with each other. Let’s find the last one standing.

Eye Pieces Design

The majority of 10×50 binoculars have a roof prism design. Some also have a Porro prism design than 8×42. Each year, they become increasingly scarce.  Manufacturers are creating fewer 10x50s with Porro prisms, but some remain on the market. 

8×42 binoculars mostly have roof prisms. But there are no Porro prisms for such types of binoculars.

Twist-up plastic eyepieces with numerous locations are included in both of these designs. Although none of them include rubber folding eye-cups. You can always compare the best eyepieces to use the better one.

Price Range

The higher the model configurations, the higher the price range. So, when we are considering the 8 x 42 model, the price is cheaper than that of the later models, maybe lower than 100 €. However the range in price for binoculars 10 x 50 is from 100 € to 300 €.

Some binocular recommendations of similar model are as follows-

Product 1
Product 2

The lowest models feature a plastic housing, while the mid-range models have aluminum housing. The top-of-the-line models have magnesium housing.


Now let’s talk about suitability. If we start with the 8×42 configuration, we can see that this is the most universal category of binoculars. The majority of these 10 x 50 models are used for hunting. 

Special Feature

The 10×50 has a high magnification and light transmission rate, which are both beneficial for studying details. In terms of appropriateness, the 10×50 model can technically be used for anything.

This configuration is chosen by people who believe that light transmission rate is more significant than weight. After all, they are heavy binoculars. In comparison to 8×42, you don’t gain much in terms of optics with 10×50. 

You improve your low-light performance while losing 200 g of weight for 8nx 42 binoculars. Now sometimes you may look for a Nebula filter, best for better viewing.

They’re also too hefty for stalking, mountain hunting, and hiking when there are always better solutions. However, if you’re hunting deer and want to pay attention to the smallest details without sacrificing low-light performance, this is the camera for you.

Field of View

When it comes to the field of view, there is a significant difference: The 10×50 generally has a field of view of 110 m / 1000 m. While the 8×42 has a field of view ranging from 130 m / 1000 m to 160 m / 1000 m. 

With 8×42, you have a lot of fields of view. The exit pupil on the 10×50 is around 10% larger than that on the 8×42. This gives it a little advantage in low-light performance. 

In terms of comfort, 8×42 is superior. In terms of size and weight – the difference is around 200 grams with the 10 x 50 ones. When worn with spectacles, 10×50 has a longer eye relief, ranging from 1 to 2 millimeters on average. But they are heavy in weight.

The Final Verdict

Choosing between 8×42 and 10×50 is just like choosing between 10×50 vs 12×50. Due to 8×42 and 10×50 being used in different situations, we cannot decide which is more convenient. For casual usage in a reasonable amount,  go with 8×42 binoculars. 

If you’re looking for multipurpose use for binoculars with greater range and magnitude,  10×50 is fitting. Although it is a bit heavy and pricey, it’ll last many years..


Question: What does 40×60 magnification mean?

Answer: With a 60mm lens, you can see things 40 times closer and get a clearer and brighter range of vision. It’s the most powerful hand-held monocular on the market today, and it also gives you the most comfortable and clear view.

Question: Are monoculars useful?

Answer: Monoculars are unrivaled in terms of portability. Some monoculars even have built-in image capture capabilities. Others include mounts that allow you to attach a smartphone or camera, greatly increasing your shooting options. Bringing sharp objects into close focus is a piece of cake.

Question: How do you interpret monocular powers?

Answer: Monoculars are labeled with two numerals, such as 5×20, 10×30, or 12×50. The magnification is the first number, while the size of the object lens is the second (the far end). The brighter the image, the larger the diameter.


Now you know the difference between 8×42 vs 10×50 binoculars. We hope our discussion was helpful and you were able to make a choice. , 

But if you still have a problem regarding making decisions, you can always ask for sharing experiences. 

Till then, let’s hope you have decided on any of them.

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