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5 Best Laser Collimator: The Elites!


If you are a user of Newtonian Telescopes, you might know about laser collimators. Laser collimators are useful for both amateur and professional astronomers.

A laser collimator is not a crucial part of your telescope. But, if you don’t have a laser collimator and your mirrors need to be aligned, aligning them will be difficult and time-consuming.

Now, the toughest job is to find out the perfect laser collimators for your telescopes. The market is flooded with many laser collimators, so finding the best one is tough. 

Don’t worry! We are here to help you to choose the best laser collimator for your telescope.

After a long time experiment, we found the 5 top laser collimators. These products work excellently with beginners and professionals. Even if you are an astronomy student, you can pick any laser collimator.

I will give you a good overview of all my chosen laser collimators. Pros and cons of each collimator will be provided. Finally, I will end with a good buying guide to help you pick one.

I just wanted to let you know that there’s no more time wasted. Let’s get into the detailed product overview-

SVBONY Red Laser Collimator

Product Overview

SVBONY Red laser collimator is the best collimator for Newtonian telescopes. Within a short while, you will know why this is the best!

This collimator has autofocus. It allows you to collimate 1.25″ and 2″ reflector telescopes quickly and simply. Plus, it gives accurate collimation and clear images within a few seconds.

Besides that, it contains a red laser with seven brightness levels that you may adjust depending on the light or viewing conditions. The best part of this feature is that it can also collimate your telescope in daylight if needed. 

This laser collimator is made of high-quality solid metal. The weight of this laser collimator is so light. But for the metal case, it’s too strong and durable. 

The battery needed for this laser collimator is a CR2032 Lithium-ion battery. And it even comes with a removable 2” adapter. A user manual and the battery of the laser are also included with your purchase.

It has a triple cement Lens which improves the stability of red dots. 


  • The laser’s brightness can be adjusted, making it ideal for daily usage.
  • The laser comes with its own set of adjustment screws.
  • Easy to use. 
  • Accurate collimation within a few minutes.
  • It has quick alignment and is way faster than manual collimators.
  • It’s cost-effective.


  • This leaser can not collimate out of the box, so you may need initial twerking before using it with your telescopes.
  • It doesn’t fit into some draw tubes. Sometimes you have to tape or tie it to keep it still.

Gosky 1.25” Metal Laser Collimator

Product Overview

After SVBONY, the second-best laser collimator in our list is Gosky 1.25” metal laser collimator. This is one of the best products for amateur astronomers. The best part is that it’s affordable as well.

Let’s get into the detailed overview of this beautiful product- 

This laser is designed for 1.25” Newtonians. This laser collimator allows you to align the optics of a reflecting telescope conveniently.

Other than that, the laser has seven adjustable brightness levels. It allows you to effectively identify whether your primary and secondary mirrors need to be adjusted and make the necessary adjustments.

This collimator is cased in black aluminum metal. It gives longevity to this product.

The output power of this collimator is from 1-5 MW, which helps to prevent eye strain. If you purchase this Gosky 1.25” metal laser collimator, you will get a proper user manual and a 30-day warranty.


  • Affordable collimator lasers for astronomers.
  • It has seven adjustable levels of brightness. 
  • Lower power output for safer use.
  • Lightweight and good durability.
  • It provides a full month of warranty.


  • The battery is not included in the package.
  • It’s also narrow to fit in some draw tubes.

Astromania Alignment 1.25″ Next Generation Laser Collimator

Product Overview

Astromania 1.25″ Laser Collimator is the perfect fit for a 1.25-inch diameter. It’s perfectly designed for your reflector telescope. And it gives the ideal collimation within a few seconds. Added to that, it’ll also provide more clear images. 

This collimator is made of high-quality metal, an anodizing aluminum process that is durable for extended use. This durable laser unit allows you to collimate your Newtonian telescope precisely.

That said, the weight of this laser is only 3 ounces. This is the lightest laser collimator on our list. We want to take that out of the way. 

It requires one CR2032 lithium battery. But this battery is not included with the purchase. So, you have to purchase that on your own. 

This has seven brightness levels of a red laser beam. The wavelength is 635-655 nm. Your telescope will get the full performance only when optics have been perfectly collimated.

Also, the output power of this collimator is less than 5mw. This is safer for your eyes.

The laser collimator comes utterly adjusted. However, it can be changed anytime if required. It has three openings for adjustment. This adjustment tool can be used in all 1.25″ focusers.

Astromania provides you with concise instruction in both German and English. It’s a step-by-step explanation to adjust a Newtonian telescope by using this laser unit. 

So, if you are a beginner in amateur astronomy, these guidelines will help to get optimum performance from your telescope.


  • The battery of this laser collimator is replaceable and removable.
  • Lightest laser collimator.
  • Although the laser is pre-collimated, it also can be adjusted.
  • This one is good and safer for your eyes. Your eyes won’t get any damage.


  • There is no battery included with your purchase.
  • It’s too dark to use in bright light or during the day.

HOTECH 2” or 1.25” SCA Laser Collimator

Product Overview

HOTECH 2” or 1.25” SCA Laser Collimator was  Voted as “Hot Product – 2009” by Sky & Telescope. This one is affordable as well.

This laser collimator is available in two models such as 1.25″ and 2″. Both collimators are perfect for collimating Newtonian reflector telescopes. 

It also can be used for SCT collimation, but we are not recommending it because it’s better to use advanced CT SCT collimators for SCT collimation.

This collimator used a unique self-centering adapter, which gives the most precise centering and collimation. 

Other than that, this collimator is made of aluminum. This is aerospace-grade aluminum, but the weight is too light, like 12.8 ounces.

It has a 45-degree faceplate and targeting grid. It allows more convenient alignment than regular telescopes.

CR123 batteries are included with the purchase. It provides 65 hours of operation.


  • It has innovative self-centering adapter technology (SCA), which separates it from the others.
  • It has long-lasting battery life.
  • Lightweight and durable aerospace-grade aluminum material.
  • Accuracy in laser alignment


  • As it’s a self-centering collimator, sometimes it gives some errors, but it’s rare.

Telescope Laser Collimator 1.25inch

Product Overview

This is the final product on our list. Astromania SGCMOS  is another sky camera you might want for your astrophotography.

Bysameyee Calibrator can easily collimate your 1.25” and 2” reflector telescope. It can fit into 1.25-inch focusers or diagonals. It’s easy to use. It’s too fast to collimate, and you can save time using it.

This red laser collimator featured seven brightness levels. At its higher power, it makes collimation possible even in daylight.

This laser collimator is made of a metal body. It’s durable, and you can easily use it for a long time. The weight of this laser is only 8.1 ounces. If you travel with your telescopes, picking this one would be perfect.

One CR2032 Lithium Polymer battery is required to charge this laser collimator. It also comes with a removable 2-inch adapter. The battery is also included with the purchase.


  • It has a solid metal construction.
  • This red laser has seven brightness levels. At high power, it also works in daylight.
  • Battery and 2’ removable adapter are included with the purchase.


  • It has three tiny screws. Sometimes it gets tricky to adjust the collimator.

Buying Guide

Now, come to the important part, buying a guide! Here we provide perfect guidelines to make your purchase easier.

Whether for pointing to objects in the night sky or aligning the optics of your Newtonian telescope, collimators are the best tool to use-

Alignment Power

Alignment power is one of the most important factors of the laser collimator.

All the products on our list are best for alignment. But still, if you want the best of the best ones, then my recommendation for you would be the SVBONY Red laser collimator or the Astromania 1.25″ Laser Collimator. 

Both these collimators provide accurate collimation within a few minutes. So, you can pick any of these two collimators for the fastest alignment.

All our collimators are made for the 1.25-inch Newtonian telescope. But if you are using a 2-inch reflector telescope, you can pick any of these three collimators: VBONY Red laser collimator, HOTECH 2” or 1.25” SCA Laser Collimator, and Bysameyee Calibrator. 

All these three collimators can easily collimate 1.25” and 2” reflector telescopes.


In terms of material, all our laser collimators are made of solid metal. Astromania 1.25″ Laser Collimator is made of high-quality anodizing aluminum process, and HOTECH 2” or 1.25” SCA Laser Collimator is made of aerospace-grade lightweight aluminum. 

All these collimators are lightweight. Astromania 1.25″ Laser Collimator and  Gosky 1.25” metal laser collimator is the lightest collimator compared to others.

Battery Factor

Almost with all our listed products, a 2” removable adapter is included with the purchase. You will also get the required batteries with your purchase, except for Astromania 1.25″ Laser Collimator.

This collimator requires one CR2032 lithium battery. But this battery is not included with the purchase.

If you are a beginner astronomer, Gosky 1.25” metal laser collimator would be good for you. It’s affordable as well. 


Question:  Can I collimate an SCT with an SVBONY Red laser collimator?

Answer: Yes, you can. SVBONY Red laser collimator is the newest collimator, including a 2” removable adapter. This one is designed for all Newtonians and SCT. 

Question: Is it possible to use a Gosky 1.25” metal laser collimator with a telescope with a 2-inch focuser but only a 1.25-inch eyepiece adapter?

Answer: Yes. A 1.25″ adapter for a 2″ focuser is included. 

Question: What kind of battery does the Astromania 1.25″ Next Generation Laser Collimator take? IS CR2032 perfectly fit with it?

Answer: The battery compartment looks smaller than the CR2032 lithium battery. But it’s not. It’s perfectly fitted. You have to force it while installing the battery.

Final Words

Well, We’ve finally finished our review guideline after a long journey. We hope you can pick the best laser collimator for your telescope.

Even choosing a perfect laser collimator for your Newtonians is a challenging task. But still, we tried our best to give you a proper guideline. You will get all the features of our top-listed products. Please feel free to choose your preference. 

If you are a beginner astronomer, you can follow our buying guide to pick an accurate collimator for your telescope. I hope it will help you. That’s all from our side. Have a good day!

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