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Best Sights For PS90: Embrace Your Inner Sniper


“Dear God I missed it again!” If you’re a hunter, chances are you’ve said this to yourself at least once in your life. But don’t beat yourself up over it, it’s a common sight.

Having to shoot wild games using traditional iron sights can be regarded as a Herculean feat. So, nowadays we have a lot of optical sights to make our lives easier.

The mechanism is pretty simple, you simply point your crosshairs on your target and pull the trigger. This beats having to line up your iron sights any day of the week.

You’re probably asking yourself, “Great, but how though? This is where you set your sights on our post on the best sights for ps90.

Our post boasts a top 5 list of the best sights on the market today. This list was made with the help of our research team, all of whom had spent hours to bring you this content.

To further guide your aim on the best sights out there, we’ve even added a buying guide. This section focuses on the know-how and tips on what you have to look out for in a sight before making a purchase.

That being said, let’s begin-

Product Overview

First up on the list, we have the Bushnell’s Red Dot sight. So, why is this our top pick for the list? Let’s find out:

For starters, the TRS-25 has an adjustable brightness setting, ranging from 1 to 11. This allows it to scope out targets per your lighting preference. You can also extend the normal battery life of the red dot scope by lowering the brightness.

The Bushnell TRS-25 is also one of the most weather-resistant scopes out there. It’s fully equipped with O-rings. This allows it to be functional even when it’s submerged in water.

Its Nitrogen-Purged Fog proofing ensures that it will not fog up in the most humid of climates or even in sudden temperature changes.

It’s also the most durable of the scopes on the lens due to its shockproof construction.

However, its objective lens aperture is on the lower side of the list, which means it can’t gather so much light compared to the rest.


  • Adaptable for any light condition
  • Highly durable
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Highest level of brightness settings


  • Low objective lens aperture 

Product Overview

Next, we have the runner’s up, which is the CVLIFE’s Red & green dot sight. The CVLIFE deservedly takes the second spot. So what is the feature which earned it that spot?

One of the most important attributes CVLIFE has is its “unlimited” eye relief feature. The CVLIFE has the best image clarity of all the scopes and this is due to the parallax-corrected eye relief feature.

Its tubeless 33mm aperture lens provides an unobstructed view of the target from a fair distance. When you need to target your prey, you can switch between two different colored crosshairs. In total, you can choose between 4 different reticle patterns.

It’s made of high-grade aluminum alloy, which has been anodized for extra protection from corrosion.

Along with these, it has adjustable windage and elevation features. These allow you to fine-tune your shots following the environmental changes of wind and air pressure.


  • Produce extremely clear images
  • Adjustable windage and elevation 
  • Decent durability
  • Highly resistant to corrosion


  • It’s a bit heavy and bulky to carry around

Product Overview

The Feyachi Reflex sight takes third place, officially ending our top 3 list of scopes. Feyachi is a well-known brand in the world of gun-sights and it’s no surprise that it shot itself on our top 5 list.

According to us, we found the Feyachi to be the most user-friendly of the bunch. It has a 20mm mounting rail, which makes it easier for it to be mounted atop the gun.

Although it says it has a parallax-corrected unlimited eye relief view, we found the CVLIFE’s to have a better performance in comparison.

Moreover, it has 15.8 feet, the field of vision at 100 yards, with 5 brightness settings. And the objective lens aperture is rated to be 33mm in length.

This means it absorbs a fair amount of light to make your view of the target better.

It has a 1x magnification rating and a windage/elevation click value of 1 MOA, with a +/- of 30 MOA adjustable range.


  • A decent field of vision
  • Easiest to fit on top of the rifle
  • High objective lens aperture
  • Views decent quality of the image


  • Relatively Expensive

Product Overview

Next up, we have the Taction Predator V2. The Predator V2 is one an odd sight that we couldn’t resist mentioning on our list, due to its features. Let’s zoom in on those features, shall we?

First off, it has the highest objective lens aperture of the five scopes mentioned on our list, measuring in at a staggering 40 mm! This allows it to have one of the brightest views on the list as it lets the most amount of light in.

Moreover, it fits almost all of the hunting rifles available so it isn’t limited to just one weapon. This is a good feature to have in case you wanna swap out your weapon in case of an emergency.

The Taction Predator V2 also has a 45-degree offset mount available as one of its accessories. This feature is handy for traditionalists, as it helps you sync with the default iron sights perfectly.


  • Excellent image quality 
  • Fits a wide range of rifles
  • Highest objective lens aperture, which lets in the most amount of light


  • Not that durable

Product Overview

Last but not least, we have the Vortex Optics Venom Sights. Now, we’re aware the venom is the last one on the list but it would be foolish to look down on it. The Venom did beat a lot of worthy competitors to make it to the top 5 list and snatch away the last spot.

So why don’t we look at those features, huh?

The Venom Red Dot is the lightest on the list, weighing in at 1.10 ounces. This makes it less stressful on your wrists as you hold and aim at your target while hunting.

The Venom Red Dot Sight-3 MOA allows for quick target identification while maintaining an accurate point of aim, allowing you to get rounds down range and on target quickly. 

If the user chooses, the Venom sight includes an auto-brightness option that uses an ambient light sensor to manage dot intensity. 

The Venom’s MOA windage and elevation adjustments are extremely smooth, making sighting a breeze. Because you won’t have to remove your glasses to replace the power source, the top-load system makes changing the CR1632 battery a snap.


  • Smooth adjustability of windage and elevation
  • Has a high range of adjustable brightness
  • Doesn’t add a lot of weight


  • Low aperture diameter allows less light to get in

Buying Guide

This section here is dedicated to the would-be marksmen out there, who are willing to sharpen their aim. The focus of the buying guide is to 

Light Transmission And Eye Relief: How To Enhance Your View?

Scopes deliver available light to your eye through the lenses, always losing a small amount in the process. The best light transmission a scope can aspire for is around a theoretical 98 percent, which only the most costly (read: pricey) scopes can expect to reach. 

Anything above 95% is considered excellent, and most scopes are around 90%, give or take a few points. 

The higher the magnification, the less light reaches your eyepiece. The more you see via your eyepiece, the larger the objective lens is.

Now, let’s talk about eye relief-

The distance between your shooting eye and the back (ocular) lens of a scope that you must hold in order to see the whole image produced is known as eye relief. 

If you hold the scope too close the image will be fuzzy and unclear. However, if you hold too far away the image becomes a minuscule dot in the lens. This causes a lot of details to be lost.

For a conventional riflescope, the largest eye relief currently available is around four inches. If you do your job right, four inches is plenty of area for the rifle to recoil without hitting your face. 

The majority of common riflescopes have a focal length of three to three and a half inches. High-recoiling firearms, such as slug guns, require a lot of eye relief to avoid “scope eye,” a cut caused by the scope’s ocular lens returning under recoil and cutting a semicircular gash above the shooter’s eye. 

To avoid scope eye, shotgun, muzzleloader, and hazardous game scopes commonly include 5 or 6 inches of eye relief, however, this often comes at the sacrifice of the field of view.

Objective Lens Size: What Does This Stat Mean?

In the darkest situations, large objective lenses will only transmit more usable light than smaller ones if they are set to their utmost power. The drawback is the lack of comfort and ease of eye alignment. 

You can close your eyes, shoulder your pistol properly, and stare straight into the center of your sight every time with a correctly placed scope.

Because of the ring height required to keep such a huge lens off your rifle barrel, large objective lenses prevent this from happening. Some scopes have such a high mounting that your chin is the only part of your body that touches the stock. 

These scopes are also more cumbersome, unstable, and uncomfortable to use. Today’s standard objective lens apertures are between 40-44mm in length. There are bigger scopes available, but they’re a bit of an overkill.

Scope Magnification And How It Works

The 3 in a 3-9×40 scope stands for three times the power, or 3x. The image you see through the scope seems three times closer (3x) than it would with the naked eye. The number 9 denotes that it is nine times (9x) closer than it would look normally.

The objective lens diameter in millimeters is forty (40). This is a variable scope since the magnification may be adjusted from three to nine, with stops in between. “Three to nine by forty” is how you’d normally characterize this scope. 

The bigger the magnification range, the more expensive it is, but it is also more versatile and user-friendly. A versatile scope is one that can be used for numerous purposes without having to acquire a new one.

Nowadays, people use specific scope magnifications to hunt specific animals.

For example, people use 4x scopes to hunt squirrels using standard rifles. For white-tailed deer, the most common range used is 3-9x scopes. 

For elusive and fast deers, hunters most often use 4-12x or 4.4-14x scopes. These offer the best range and view to see these fast-moving creatures.


Question: Does the PS90 have an iron sight system?

Answer: A Picatinny rail is mounted to the top of the PS90’s receiver, allowing the shooter to add their choice of optical sight. A set of integrated iron sights is included on the rail as a backup in case the primary sight is broken.

Question: What makes the PS90 a reliable and safe gun to use?

Answer: The muzzle brake on the FN PS90’s 16.04′′ cold hammer-forged MIL-SPEC barrel helps to reduce recoil. The PS90 is totally ambidextrous with dual magazine locks, cocking handles, and a novel synthetic thumbhole stock with a molded-in sling connection hook.

Question: What’s the main difference between a PS90 and a P90 gun?

Answer: The P90 has a shorter barrel and may fire semi-automatically or fully automatic. The PS90 features a 6-inch longer barrel and is solely semi-automatic. Only the military or a law enforcement organization can own a P90.

Final Words

Well, guess it’s time for us to say goodbye. We sincerely hope that you’ve set your sights on the scope that you want by now.If you haven’t we recommend you choose our number one pick from our post. It really is one of the best sights for ps90 according to us.

Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Riflescope, 1x20mm, Black

as of May 20, 2024 6:42 am

CVLIFE 1X22X33 Red Green Dot Gun Sight Riflescope Reflex Sight for 20mm Rail

as of May 20, 2024 6:42 am

Feyachi Reflex Sight - Adjustable Reticle (4 Styles) Both Red and Green in one Sight!

as of May 20, 2024 6:42 am

Tacticon Armament | Predator V1 Adjustable Red and Green Dot in One Sight | Combat Veteran Owned Company | Absolute Co Witness | Waterproof Fog Proof Optic

as of May 20, 2024 6:42 am

Vortex Optics Venom Red Dot Sight - 3 MOA Dot

as of May 20, 2024 6:42 am

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