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Apertura AD8 vs DT8- Which One is Superior?


Apertura is back with their extraordinary telescopes. This brand is really famous among the newbies. Apertura Dobsonian telescopes are preferred as the most qualitiful telescopes in a budget-friendly range. 

Now, which one to choose between apertura ad8 vs dt8?

Well, not to mention both AD8 and DT8 are like identical twins. They have quite a similar body structure as well as optical range. However, AD8 has superior magnifying power along with two eyepieces. Whereas, DT8 is a budget-friendly telescope for beginners. 

However, don’t just decide on a conclusion yet. We are about to share some head-to-head comparisons between the two. It’ll help you to choose one of these two telescopes.

So, let’s not waste any more time and get started-

Apertura AD8 vs DT8: Short Overview

You’ll find a variety of telescopes available in the market. For this reason, it becomes difficult to choose among the best ones. 

So, before deciding, you must go through the basic distinctions first. A similar thing should be followed while choosing between nexstar 6se and 8se

A fundamental distinction chart always helps us to understand the basic differences of a telescope. 

So, before you go through the detailed section we suggest having a look at this chart given below-

Features AD8 DT8
Price Range $700 $500
Magnification Power Superior Good
Eyepieces Plossl Eyepiece & SuperView Eyepiece Only Plossl Eyepiece
Included Accessories A bunch of Extra Accessories Less amount of Accessories

That sums up all the differences. Now, you’ve got the initial knowledge about what we’re gonna discuss in the next segment.

Apertura AD8 vs DT8: Head to Head Comparison

Both AD8 and DT8 have lots in common just like astroberry and stellarmate. Their height, weight, and even optical range are exactly equal. Yet some basic differences created a thin line between these two lunar gadgets.

So, let’s see the head-to-head comparison below-

Price Range

Among these two telescopes, AD8 is comparatively expensive. AD8 has more advanced features and quality. Moreover, it comes as a full package. 

This package includes some extra instruments that usually need to be bought separately. So, the Apertura AD8 will cost almost $700. 

However, The DT8 is also not bad. It’s also considered one of the most budget-friendly telescopes from Apertura. But you may need to compromise some facilities with this model apart from AD8. DT8 will cost more or less $500 along with shipping costs.

Winner: Budget-wise DT8 gets one point.

Magnification Power & Eyepiece

Magnification shows the enlarging power of its subject of one telescope. This power is counted by the division of the telescope’s focal length and eyepiece’s focal length. Apparently, the longer the focal length, the higher the magnification power.

Both of these scopes are Dobsonian reflecting telescopes. So, D8 and DT8 have similar configurations. Both have an 8” aperture with 1200mm of focal length. That means, their focal ratio will be f/5.91. 

But the Apertura AD8 is superior to the other one. How?

Well, AD8 contains two eyepieces and DT8 has only one eyepiece. This creates a thick line between those telescopes.

AD8 telescope has one 1.25” Plossl eyepiece with 9mm of focal length. Also, it contains a 2” Superview eyepiece with 30mm of focal length. Plossl provides a 52-degree FOV along with 9mm of eye relief. It’s ideal for lunar objects and planet observation. 

Then again, the Superview comes with a 68-degree field of view and 22mm of eye relief. You can observe nebulas and galaxies through this eyepiece. But this Superview feature is totally unavailable in DT8. 

DT8 also has only one eyepiece, a 25mm Plossl one. It can show you fabulous views of closer lunar objects and planets. But this telescope can’t capture galaxies and nebulas.

But if you connect an effective nebula filter you might get tons of crisp-clear images of nebulas. 

Winner: AD8 is the winner!

Included Accessories

The greatest advantage of having Apertura AD8 is, it comes with a package of accessories. Even if it might seem expensive, it still provides more facilities. The list of accessories includes an 8×50 right-angle correct-image finder. Also, a 35mm extension tube for the telescope’s amazing focuser. 

However, if you’re hunting for another effective image finder, we’ve some options. You can choose any of these image finder for your telescope-

Product 01
Product 02
Product 03

Apertura AD8 also provides a 1.25” Moon filter. The most amazing feature is the battery-operated cooling fan attached to the backside of the mirror cell. Finally, a 4-hole eyepiece tray along with a snap-in dust cover. 

Whereas, DT8 has only 4 features available. These are a crayford style 2” focuser, an 8×50 finder, a Plossl eyepiece, and a lens cap. 

Winner: Definitely AD8 wins!

Final Verdict

After all our discussion, it’s pretty clear that Apertura AD8 is much more qualitiful. Its wide field of view will show you amazing views of galaxies and nebulas

You can also control the strong light of the Moon by using the moon filter as well. Even if AD8 is expensive, it’s an perfect package to start your astronomy journey

But if you’re searching for a budget-friendly scope, DT8 is the suitable option. It has almost all features similar to AD8. However, we suggest giving a try to both these telescopes. Then choose what’s more suitable to you.


Question: Is Apertura a good telescope brand?

Answer: Well, Apertura is an amazing brand to start your astronomy journey. Apertura AD8 is considered the most effective telescope among the majority of astronomers. This model will provide you with an amazing star-hopping experience.

Question: Do telescopes need electricity?

Answer: No, visual observing devices like telescopes generally don’t require electricity. Though the subject will move from the direction of the scope as the earth turns. So, you also need to move steadily along with the object.

Question: Do I need an expensive telescope to start astronomy?

Answer: No, you don’t need to spend money on a costly telescope. As a beginner, you can start with any kind of low to mid-range telescope. Because astronomy is all about deep-sky gazing. Plus learning about the origin and structure of the universe and galaxies.

End Note

It’s time to wrap. So, how was our discussion regarding the differences between apertura ad8 vs dt8? Hopefully, it cleared your doubts.

However, we always suggest trying both telescopes before you get one.

Have a good day!

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