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The Best Moon Filters: To Observe The Moon Perfectly?


Who doesn’t love to look at the moon in its full moon phase? I know I do! Well, most novice people like looking at the moon with their bare eyes whereas astronomers look for deeper details through their telescope. 

But how’s it going for you? 

If you own a telescope, you might be looking at the moon to see clearer details. Unfortunately, you cannot help yourself because it looks like a big floodlight to you. 

Do you know what do you, then? 

Well, in that case, you should really get a moon filter. A moon filter will cut down the brightness, increase the contrast. And, make the whole journey very soothing for you. With the moon filter, you’ll be able to see the moon clearer than you were seeing before. 

And this is where we play a little role. 

We reviewed the best moon filters for your convenience. With this filter, you can not only experience a great full moon, but you’ll also be able to observe other planets like Venus as well! Isn’t that exciting? 

Now let’s find out which are the best moon filters we picked out for you after a thorough and thorough process of searching. Let’s get started right away then- 

Comparison Table 

Product Size Specialty 
Celestron 94105 Moon Filter 1.25” Best clarity for watching the moon, scratch-free, threaded on both sides. 
Orion 05662 1.25-Inch Moon Filter  1.25” Best for watching the moon on full moon phases. 
Neewer 1.25-inches Telescope Moon Filter 1.25” Complete package includes CPI filter, moon filter, 5 color filters. 
ICE 1.25″ Variable Polarizing Moon Filter  1.25” Great for daylight observation 
Gosky 1.25″ Telescope Moon Filter 1.25” Great quality piece, protects the eyepiece from dirt and humidity

Celestron 94105 Neutral Density Moon Filter

Product Overview

You don’t like torturing your own eyeballs? Guess that won’t happen again if you’re thinking of investing in a high-end moon filter. This is exactly why we’ve placed this as the best moon filter. And, we can even recommend it to you and soon you will understand why. 

With bare eyes, it will feel like staring directly into a bright floodlight. All of that can be changed with this filter. The high light intensity will be distributed into a dimmer, easier-to-view landscape because of its 1.25 inches of glass.

By reducing glare it will maintain the definition of the moon’s surface. It will not seem so dark that details are blurred. You won’t be disappointed at the expense of a really low price. 

Also, the glass is scratch-free, so it’s a plus point if you’re a sloppy astronomy enthusiast

This filter is just what you are looking for when it comes to seeing the moon in comfort. You can modify the contrast and brightness for a better moon visual experience. 

Here, the moon appears greenish when using the standard moon filter but this filter doesn’t. 

Because the filter is threaded on both sides, it can be stacked with other filters. This suits any 1.25 inches Celestron eyepiece you have.

This filter allows you to gaze at the moon comfortably for hours and see greater detail. Your eyes will appreciate it. You can see the stars, the moon, the venus more clearly with this filter but it won’t roast your eyes. 


  • The glass is of great quality, it’s scratch-free 
  • The price is less
  • It can be stacked with other filters
  • It’s threaded on both sides 
  • It will cut the flare and ensure great clarity


  • It’s not water-resistant 
  • The plastic threads can be uneven 


Orion 05662 1.25-Inch Moon Filter 

Product Overview

The second best moon watching filter we’re going to suggest you is this Orion filter. Interested to know why you should buy this? Well it surely makes a difference! 

The Orion 1.25 inch delivers 13 percent of the beam. With the Moon Filter, you can see more lunar detail and surface details using your telescope. You can see the landscape with more clarity than before only with your telescope

Your telescopic eyepiece’s 1.25-inch barrel threads straight into the metal filter cell.

Especially beneficial for wide-angle telescopes, where the Moon’s glare can be very overbearing. So if you own a telescope with a big aperture, get the filter right away to save your eyes. 

Only 13% of the incoming light passes through the telescope eyepiece filter, increasing contrast and the capacity to spot detail on the Moon. The thread will perfectly fit your eyepieces without any hassle. 

The inherent color of the Moon will not be affected by a perfectly neutral color. Sometimes the filter changes the moon’s color to a greenish hue, it won’t happen with this filter. 



  • You might find it a bit pricey 
  • It’s great for full phases but a little dark for early and late phases. 


Neewer 1.25 inches Telescope Moon Filter

Product Overview

The one we’re going to review right now is an all-time favorite. We call this the best package for all. If you’re looking for a filter for all kinds of planetary observations, not just the moon, you should absolutely go for it. It won’t disappoint you! 

So what does the kit include? Well, it includes “CPL Filter, 5 Color Filters (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue), Moon and Skyglow Filter, Moon and Skyglow Filter”. 

Also, this is a multipurpose kit. It’ll reduce brightness and light dispersion and increase the contrast by specific filtration. Furthermore, it improves definition and resolution, minimizes irradiation, and reduces visual fatigue.

Let’s talk about the filter for the moon. You’ll be amazed to know that it reduces glare, reveals more surface detail, and improves contrast. It’s a multi-band pass filter that lets a lot of light through in the visible range. 

Here, it selects wavelengths of low-pressure sodium, and other man-made sources commonly utilized in street lighting are effectively filtered out. So there’s no noise for light in your moon-watching sessions. 

Now, what does a CPL filter do? You may cut through the reflections and view the detail behind them by using a CPL filter. Well, this blocks out dispersed light. In photographic shots, it improves the contrast of the moon and planets.

Thread size is 1.25 inches/ 3.17 centimeters, which suits most telescopes. So, most probably it’s compatible with your telescope as well. 

The color filters include grooves that allow them to be readily inserted into the eyepiece’s lens. When observed throughout the day, red assists Mercury and Venus standing out from the blue sky. 

The orange filter improves the contrast between light and dark regions and penetrates clouds. 

Yellow enhances views of Mars by highlighting the polar ice caps. Green on Mars, improves ice patches, surface mist, and arctic projections. When the binary star Antares is at its most separated, blue aids in splitting it.  


  • It’s a complete package for proper planetary visuals 
  • The thread size is compatible with most telescopes 
  • It serves all kinds of visual purposes 
  • For the moon, there are two kinds of filters


  • It’s a great package for newbies but not so advanced for professionals
  • The moon filter might not be suitable for full moon phases, in that vase use the CPL filter 


ICE 1.25″ Variable Eyepiece Moon Filter 

Product Overview

We’re going to recommend yet another amazing moon filter for a soothing moon-watching experience! Sit through with it while we describe why it can be a great gift to someone who is an astronomy fanatic. 

The most special thing about these filters is, there are two pieces of the lens. You can use one or both, whatever seems fit to you. This spins to provide an adjustable light reduction rate ranging from 1% to 40%.

Moreover, the filter is neutral in color. There is no color cast. So you can see the moon clearly without changing its color. 

While it reduces brightness, it also cuts reflection off windows and lowers glare. And that is amazing because you can also watch the moon in daylight with this filter. 

Here, the brightness of the Moon or planets is dimmed. When you set it up to observe the moon it will seem as if you could reach out and touch the moon and feel its roughness. We could see ridge edges. But without the filter, it will be like gazing into a bright torch and not being able to see anything. 

Frames are made of aluminum and come with a storage case. This polarizing filter is compatible with a 1.25″ eyepiece. A nice addition for anyone who has a telescope.


  • Frames are made of aluminum 
  • Dims the brightness of the moon 
  • Great for daylight observation 
  • It’s neutral in color 


  • You may have to move the retaining ring
  • The whole setup may seem confusing to you. 


Gosky 1.25″ Telescope Moon Filter

Product Overview

Last one! We’re done with the list! But, we’re just gonna show what we’ve chosen at the end. It might not be our most favorite. But still, we put it on the list. This means, there’s gotta be something special about this. Here, the filter case has the best plastic material indeed.

On the lunar surface, there are more details to be seen with this filter. Only transmits 13% of the incoming light while increasing contrast. That means you can observe the moon with more clarity. You can watch the mountains and valleys. 

The transparent aperture is up to 1 22in wide (30mm). It emits light that is totally neutral in color. There will be no extra hue to the light. 

All of the components are made of aluminum and have an optical glass filter lens. When utilizing this filter. It has standard filter threads on both sides, allowing you to use it with other filters. This comes in durable plastic housing. This protects the eyepiece from dirt and humidity. 


  • Sturdy plastic case 
  • Great moon filter, increases the clarity 
  • Cuts down the flare 
  • The hue stays the same, it doesn’t have any other color


  • It might not decrease the brightness as much as you would want it 


Buying Guide

We reviewed 5 types of moon filters and these are the best 5 among all. Which one will you choose? Do you know what qualities you are looking for in your moon filter? Let’s find out now before you buy a moon filter that wouldn’t suit your telescope or your eye retinas. 

Let’s walk you through a guide, so you know what qualities you’re looking for before you end up buying a moon filter- 

Good Quality Filter 

First of all, the very quality you’re looking for is a filter that reduces the brightness. You do not want to look at the moon only with the telescope. Because it might look light a big flashlight to you, and you won’t be able to figure out the details from there. 

But a great filter will help you see all the mountains and valleys on the moon. It will cut down the brightness and increase the clarity on the surface of the moon. 


The filter cannot have any hue to it. Normal moon filters have a tendency to make the moon look a bit greenish. When you look through the filter to observe the moon, the moon shouldn’t have any other color to it. 


For someone who’s a bit sloppy, which is fine by the way, do find a filter that is of very good quality. It shouldn’t scratch easily. 

Thread and Size

The threads need to go smooth inside the eyepiece. The thread sizes need to be of the same size. The filters need to suit the telescope as well.


Question: Can UHC filters be used to see the moon?

Answer: UHC filters allow more details and clarity through the lenses. Which means that you can clearly see at a distance. While these filters allow watching planets, getting a moon filter is the best option for looking at the moon. 

Question: Do you need to maintain a specific budget?

Answer: Yes! A budget can be made as you’ll purchase the filter based on that budget. In fact, a specific budget should be made with almost everything in life. 

The Verdict

So, now that you know the qualities moon filters should have, which of the filters are you choosing? Let us know if you choose among The Best Moon Filters we reviewed. We hope you enjoyed reading the review, it’s time to end it here.


Celestron – Telescope Moon Filter – Eyepiece Accessory – Reduces Moon Glare and Enhances Lunar Crater Details – Great for Full Moon Observing – Works with Any Telescope That Accepts 1.25" Eyepieces

as of May 20, 2024 11:07 pm

Celestron - NexGo DX Kit - Universal Smartphone Adapter - Digiscoping Smartphone Adapter - Bonus Bluetooth Shutter Release Remote & 94105 Neutral Density Moon Filter 1.25", Black

as of May 20, 2024 11:07 pm

Celestron – Moon Filter Kit – Fits 1.25" Telescope Eyepieces – Includes 3 Varying Neutral Density Moon Filters, Sky Glow Filter & Moon Map – Perfect Accessory for Moon Viewing

as of May 20, 2024 11:07 pm

NEEWER Lunar Filter Kit with 3 ND Lunar Filters (ND0.9 ND0.6 ND0.3), Lunar Starglow Filter, Moon Map, Cleaning Cloth for Moon Viewing Lunar Observation, Compatible with 1.25" Telescope Eyepiece, FL-25

as of May 20, 2024 11:07 pm

Celestron 94123 1.25-Inch UHC/LPR Filter (Black)

as of May 20, 2024 11:07 pm

Celestron – 1.25” Eyepiece and Filter Accessory Kit – 14 Piece Telescope Accessory Set – Plossl Telescope Eyepiece – Barlow Lens – Colored Filters – Moon Filter – Sturdy Metal Carry Case

as of May 20, 2024 11:07 pm

ICE 1.25" Variable Polarizing Eyepiece Moon Filter for Telescope Polarizer

as of May 20, 2024 11:07 pm

Celestron 93624 Narrowband Oxygen III 2 Filter

as of May 20, 2024 11:07 pm

ICE 1.25" Telescope Filter Set Variable Polarizing Moon Polarizer & LiPo Broadbrand Light Pollution Reducer Optical Glass

as of May 20, 2024 11:07 pm

Astromania 2" Moon Telescope Eyepiece Color Filter ND96-0.9

as of May 20, 2024 11:07 pm

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