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The Best Telescope Under 5000: 5 Budget-Friendly Telescopes


What can spark a beginner astronomer’s interest? Of course, a telescope can satisfy their interest in celestial objects! 

But the problem with buying a telescope is, they cost so much. And the cheap ones are so bad that you cannot even get a clear view. Then what’s the point of buying a telescope to look at the moon with your bare eyes right? 

Well no. You know there are budget-friendly telescopes in the market. But, as there are many options out there, what should you choose? 

To solve this problem, we’ve come up with an amazing solution. We reviewed the best telescope under 5000

We did the research for you. In this article, you’ll know which telescope you can choose for your kid or a beginner astronomy enthusiast. We’ve spent some manhours behind this. 

It took us about 5 weeks and about 25 different budget-friendly options. Other than that, you’ll also know which qualities to look for in the telescope that you’re buying. In the process, you could even save up!  

Let’s get going- 

Comparison Table

Product Overview

Are you an entry-level astronomy enthusiast? Or, do you have a kid who loved looking at celestial objects? Either way, the first telescope we’re going to recommend is this one. 

Stay tuned to understand why we’re recommending this to you. Spoiler alert: for the price, this is worth it! 

This telescope has quality optics, a completely coated optics glass lens. The lens also has acute transmission coatings. 

Here, the focal length of 400mm (f/5.7) and has a 70mm aperture. The bigger the aperture the better you can see through the telescope. 

Also, it’ll deliver breathtaking images and protects your eyes at the same time. Astronomers can use this telescope to study the stars and the moon. 

Let’s talk about the package- two replacement eyepieces and one 3x Barlow lens are included in it. Each eyepiece’s magnifying power is trebled with a 3x Barlow lens. 

And, yes, finding objects is very easy with this 5×24 finder scope. There’s also a mounting bracket inside the package. 

It also contains an adapter for your smartphone. Also, there’s a wireless camera remote. This allows you to simply explore the world through the screen and capture beautiful heavenly photographs.

With an adjustable aluminum alloy tripod and a carry bag, this telescope allows for many various viewing positions. The tripod and the telescope can both fit within the bag for simple travel and storage. 

You can travel with this telescope anywhere you like. 

It’s great at functions, but you need to know how to set it up and spend time knowing how it works. You need to be patient with it. But at a small price, it works amazing. 


  • Great for people who are starting out 
  • Great for kids 
  • For the low price, it really servers its purpose
  • Travel-friendly 


  • It comes with  a bit of a learning curve, you need to spend time on with it to know how it works 

Product Overview

This one is a budget-friendly telescope as well. It’s made for the kids who take an interest in the cosmos and so worth the price. 

Let’s get to the description of what it does and what it doesn’t- 

Let us start by telling you something factual. It does exactly what it’s written in the description. You cannot get any other telescope more useful than for this price. It costs really low. Do you know what’s able to do? 

It transforms the moon into a large marble that is placed a few inches from your eye and is in reasonably good focus. On the moon, you can see several craters but not Niel Armstrong’s footsteps. The rings of Saturn can be seen, but they can’t be counted like a half-cut tree. 

Plus, it has high-quality, fully-coated glass optics, a powerful 70mm objective lens, a lightweight frame. And even there’s a unique backpack to carry it all come standard with the “Celestron 70mm Travel Scope”. It has unrivaled quality in its class and among competitors.

Compared to the 50mm type, our refractor telescope has a large 70mm aperture objective lens that gives better, brighter visuals while adding very little weight. It nearly feels like you could reach out and grab the moon after properly focusing the scope and taking a look at it.

Also, the aperture is great for visuals as well as travel-friendly. You can take it with you when you’re traveling anywhere. You don’t need to carry an extra case to hold it in. 

There are some accessories you’ll get along with this telescope. In the supplied travel backpack, this Celestron telescope and full-height tripod may be taken anywhere. A free download of one of the best consumer-rated astronomy software applications is also included. 

This brand has been continued since 1960 and there’s a reason for it. You can get this telescope at a reasonable price. And it’s enough to make any new astronomy lover very happy. This telescope was solely designed for kids and beginners and works exceeding their expectations. 


  • Great visuals with a big aperture 
  • For the price, the quality is really good 
  • Travel-friendly
  • It comes with great accessories 
  • You can see the moon and the craters very well


  • The adjustment might be difficult for you
  • The tripod might seem a bit shaky 

Product Overview

Do you know any kid who’s taking interest in astronomy? A kid’s interest can be sparked with this telescope because this telescope was solely created for kids. It’s perfect for them and the price suits their hobby as well. 

“Surefect Nasa” was made to satisfy kids’ hunger for planetary observation. Kids who already have ‘primary knowledge about planets will find this telescope very useful. 

And kids who don’t, well, they’ll be interested to learn what’s hiding up in the sky. Let’s just say, it’s a telescope that paves the path of their knowledge to higher tier knowledge of astronomy. 

As we’ve established before, this is an educational telescope for the kids, MoonScan is a fun and informative approach for kids to discover their cosmic fantasies. 

Kids can easily lift this telescope and they find it simple to operate. This makes it ideal for kids who want to skywatch and learn about astronomy in a pleasant way.

The telescope has a maximum magnification of 90X. It is a strong telescope that can be used for astronomy as well as seeing animals and birds in the sky on a regular basis. 

A 1.5X Erecting Eyepiece is also included with the telescope, which increases magnification. So, the kids can see rather clearer than with their bare eyes. 

MoonScan is a lightweight, travel-friendly, and portable kids educational telescope. It is a lightweight travel telescope that is suitable for both children and adults. 

From your yard, you can observe wildlife or even birds. If the kids wish to travel to a space that is less polluted, they should carry this telescope with them. It won’t weigh them down. 

Also what makes it ideal for kids is, it can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Kids can move this altitude-azimuth any way they want. 

This way, it really opens up opportunities for them as well as they don’t have to worry about breaking the telescope. 

This educational telescope for children is ideal for seeing astronomical objects as well as terrestrial wildlife, birds, and monuments. 

It can be used for both recreational and instructional purposes. It’s a great way for making your kids enthusiastic about astronomy.


  • Great educational telescope for kids 
  • Other than astronomical figures, it can be used for bird watching as well 
  • Tripod is stable 
  • It can be moved in any way kids want 
  • Amazing gift for a small price 


  • The instruction is confusing so it might take some patience 
  • It’s good to have a guardian set up the telescope 

Product Overview

It’s in the name indeed, the maximum you can see with a budget-friendly telescope. It’s suitable for kids and beginner astronomer adults. Professional or hobby, this is perfect for people who are starting out! 

So, MaxUsee, it’s a telescope good for basic celestial objects in the sky. Let’s an overview of this telescope. For the price, this is a fantastic telescope. 

The optics are of higher quality than one might expect for a beginner’s telescope in this price range. Also, there’s a smartphone holder which is simple to use once you’ve used it a few times. 

The tabletop tripod that comes with the package is a bit shaky, but it’s totally useable if you have a patio table in your garden. Got a good full-sized camera/video tripod on hand? 

Well, this works perfectly with the telescope. This package comes highly recommended by us for anyone interested in learning more about amateur astronomy. 

The ideal First Telescope for kids and astronomy beginners, this portable telescope has a wide range of magnification from 16X to 200X. 

Also, the photos are brighter and clearer with the 70mm large-aperture objective lens. And, the 5X24 finderscope helps discover objects quicker and sooner.

Here, there are 4 eyepieces are included, are H6mm, H12.5mm, H20mm, and K25mm. These are all of size 1.25″.  Eyepieces with high magnification (H6mm), moderate magnification (H12.5mm), and low magnification but the sharper image (H20mm & K25mm) provide a wide range of options for any viewing environment.

The 400mm focal length refractor telescope contains a sturdy Table-top tripod as well as the 3X Barlow lens, 1.5X Erecting eyepiece, and Moon mirror.

This is very easy to carry and set up a travel telescope. This also includes a phone connector so you can use your phone to capture images and videos through the telescope! 

The best thing about this telescope is that it comes with a package with varieties of eyepieces. You will not regret buying this telescope. 


  • Great for astronomy lovers 
  • This is the complete package with great quality lens 
  • Travel-friendly 
  • Easy to set up 


  • You may not find this suitable for viewing anything above the moon 
  • You may find this a bit wobbly 

Product Overview

So far the telescopes we have been reviewing are all for beginners and mostly for kids. This one is yet another Gskyer Telescope 90mm. But the difference is it’s made for adults. Let’s see, for a cheap price what you can do with this telescope. 

Do you want to use an e telescope for bird watching? Or do you want to gaze at the moon craters? Well, buy this telescope because this one can be used for all of these. 

This Gskyer telescope solely made for adults has optics of Superior Quality The highly layered optical glass lens with high transmission coatings delivers excellent images and protects your eyes. 

It has a focal length of 600mm (f/6.7) and a 90mm aperture. So if we compare this telescope’s aperture with the other ones we reviewed, this one has the largest aperture. 

The bigger the aperture, the better the image will look, so you already know what’s better about this telescope! 

It comes with high magnification power. Three replacement eyepieces and one 3x Barlow lens are included. The three eyepieces are (24X, 60X,120X). Each eyepiece’s magnifying power is tripled with a quality Barlow lens. Barlow lens is used to expand the power of magnification. 

It also has an adjustable tripod. With this flexible aluminum tripod, this telescope can be used in any way you want. You can change the tripod’s height between 31.5 and 49 inches.

If you’re familiar with telescope installation, you’ll find it very easy to set up. So buy the telescope for a budget-friendly watch of the environment and the moon and enjoy! 


  • Budget-friendly telescope 
  • Easy to set up 
  • High power magnification 
  • Adjustable aluminum pod for easy experience 


  • You may not be happy with the quality of the pieces 
  • You may find it hard to set up if you don’t have any prior experience 


Buying Guide

You want to buy a telescope and the reviews of the products cover all the pros and cons. The problem is you may not know what qualities to consider when you’re buying a telescope. 

These are the best budget-friendly telescopes but all these 5 telescopes are not the same. Some may have larger apertures, some may have greater lens. Let’s find you what you should look for in a telescope- 


The first one is easy, you want to use a telescope to see things clearly, the aperture needs to be of good quality. The larger the aperture, the better you can see the image through a telescope. 

All the telescopes we reviewed have 70mm to 90mm aperture. These are good for seeing the craters of the moons, other planets, bird watching, etc hobbies you have. 


The quality of the parts of the telescope is very important. We’re talking especially about the lens. Barlow lens is great for the price. But if they’re made of plastic, the quality is degraded. 


Make sure the tripod sets on the surface nicely. You don’t want any wobbly tripod to trust me. In that case, your whole experience might be ruined. 

Instructions Manual

Make sure your telescope has an instructive manual. And in a language, you can understand well. Other than that, the installation will be harder than it should be. 


Not being okay with the telescope’s quality is okay as long as it’s guaranteed to refund. Use the telescope, if it doesn’t suit your expectation, make sure you have the opportunity to return. 


Question: Should telescopes need to be off a higher price?

Answer: Definitely not! There are affordable telescopes on this list that’ll work quite well. Hence, you don’t have to always buy an expensive option. 

Question: What is the best diameter in a telescope to see the solar system?

Answer: Diameter of 4-5 inches is enough in order to see the solar system.

The Verdict 

Whether you’re looking for a kids’ telescope or a gift for adults who are amateur astronomers, we hope this review helped you pick one. Hopefully, you’ve saved up and bought the best telescope under 5000.

Let us know your experience. We are wishing you a greatly enjoyable experience with your purchase. Good Luck!

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