HEQ5 Vs HEQ5 Pro: Which One Is The Best?


Skywatcher provides the best quality mounts for Astro lovers. But finding the proper mount according to your telescope is tedious. And if it’s about equatorial mounts HEQ5 and HEQ5 pro make, the debate becomes more critical. 

Therefore, you might wonder, which one should you buy: HEQ5 Vs HEQ5 Pro?

There are a lot of features that make HEQ5 and HEQ5 Pro different. The tool that contrasts is called the SynScan Pro v3 GOTO kit. The pro version has additional autoguider, handset, and step motors. And its advanced motherboard of HEQ5 Pro takes the lead. 

We know, this little info is not enough. That’s why our detailed article will answer each of your queries instantly. 

So let’s get into the business-

HEQ5 Vs HEQ5 Pro: Basic Discussion

The stability, high performance, and ease of use of HEQ5 make them unique from others.

However, the battle of HEQ5 and HEQ5 Pro isn’t new at all. It’s been there since HEQ5 Pro emerged. Moreover, this contrast isn’t like the difference between QHY and ZWO. Because it’s a battle of finding the best one not like finding the optimum one.

Let’s have a quick review over some common dissimilarities in the following table-

Features  HEQ5 HEQ5 Pro
Motor Built-in motors Stepper motors
Autoguider No Yes
Payload Capacity 30 lb / 13.6 kg 24.25 lb / 11 kg
Handset Manual Handset Synscan GoTo Handset
Usage Visual Astronomy Astrophotography
Motherboard Backdated Updated

As you’ve understood the basic contrasts let’s move on to the details-

HEQ5 Vs HEQ5 Pro: In-depth Discussion

Before getting into the details you should know-

These mounts are best for astronomical telescopes and cameras. Besides sorting the best mounts, you’ll also need to learn about the best cameras. The battle between QHY and ZWO  might make you tempted about which one to choose. 

Moving on. Without any further exaggeration let’s dive into the discussion-

Motor Variations

Motors have a great impact on mounts. Because they play a vital role to rotate or actuate the shaft according to the instructions. However, their performance varies depending on what type of motor is being used. 

In standard HEQ5 mounts, a normal DC motor is used. Through magnetic fields and conductors, it turns electrical energy into mechanical energy. This motor is very good at supplying constant torque speed. 

It’s primarily handy for devices that require high rotation per minute (RPM) to accelerate. Devices like fans, water pumps, car wheels are accelerated using DC motors. Its impressive power and endurance made it a great competitor in the market.

Contrarily, HEQ5 Pro mounts are controlled by high-quality stepper motors. These actuators convert a pulsed signal into distinct mechanical movement. Its name resembles it doesn’t rotate continuously like DC motors, rather rotate discreetly. 

In case you were looking for a stepper motor here are our top choices-

Product 1 Product 2
Orion SkyQuest XT8 Classic Dobsonian Telescope Sky-Watcher Classic 200P Dobsonian Telescope

And that’s why they perform well where we need accurate positioning with fast response. The fast response includes a response to starting, reversing, stopping, holding torque, etc. Also, they’re good at holding any load steading once the expected position is achieved. 

That’s why we need it while accuracy is our prime concern.


An autoguider is an automatic electronic guidance tool used in astronomy. It’s used to keep the telescope pointing to a certain object to be observed. While taking a long exposure it prevents the object from drifting across the field of view. So that we can take clear and bright images. 

One of the prime advantages of HEQ5 Pro is having an auto-guiding port. It supports ST-4 autoguider interface with 4 different auto-guiding rates. 

Whereas the HEQ5 doesn’t have any autoguider built-in while purchasing a new one. So it’s a bit of a downside with respect to having auto-guided mounts. 

However, it doesn’t necessarily mean you must need it in your mounts. Rather it depends on which motive you want to use it. Photography like deep-sky imaging, long video shorts need a guide with your camera. 

For taking short images or videos of bright objects, the usual mount is enough. Long exposures ranging 30-60 seconds should have an autoguider for best results. 

Synscan GoTo Handset

It’s a control box used for controlling Skywatcher Telescopes. Their internal database offers access to a huge collection of 42000 objects. 

Using this item you can control your telescope from your phone or laptop. That provides your telescope a digital touch and facilitates observing the sky deeply. 

Synscan GoTo Handset is a part of SynScan Pro v3 GOTO Upgrade Kits. You can upgrade your HEQ5 or HEQ5 Pro with this kit to add an extra advantage point. 

However, this kit is already pre-installed in HEQ5 Pro mounts. So it’s a big reason to place HEQ5 Pro before other HEQ5 mounts. 

Thus we conclude our discussion. These details will be enough for taking a wise decision about Skywatcher mounts. 

Final Verdict: Who Is The Winner?

As the specifications say HEQ5 Pro is a bit ahead of the HEQ5 standard edition. However, this should not be the fact to define your decision. 

Both of them are Equatorial Telescope Mount. Therefore their edition, as well as their functionality, differs from each other. 

If you’re passionate about only visual astronomy, not heavy astrophotography, HEQ5 seems good. But if you’re interested in deep-sky photography, planet photography, then HEQ5 Pro seems perfect. 

However, both of them have some common avx mount issues, but it’s not a fact at all. Your interest should instigate your choice, let not their specifications allure you.s


Question: How to connect Stellarium to HEQ5?

Answer: Using a USB-to-serial adapter. You can use a cable that comes with that USB adapter. Or you can use a standard rs-232 to wire with the USB. 

Question: Can you control HEQ5 from your laptop?

Answer: No. You can’t control HEQ5 directly from your laptop. To do so, you need to upgrade your HEQ5 with SynScan Pro V3 Kit. 

Question: How to upgrade HEQ5 Syntrek to HEQ5 Pro?

Answer: Add a Synscan GOTO handset with HEQ5 Syntek. It’ll add an extra feature to your HEQ5 Syntrek with an advanced control facility. 


Hope we’ve successfully made the way to explore everything about HEQ5 vs HEQ5 pro. However, nowadays HEQ5 is not as widely available as before. So you have indeed no way other than to go with HEQ5 pro.

Best of luck. And let us know which one you preferred in the comment section below.

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