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5 Easy Fixes on Celestron SkyPortal Problems


Facing issues with new Celestron telescopes is not a rare case. Celestron SkyPortal denotes both the WiFi module and mobile app. While setting up a new connection or controlling the scope, you might face hurdles. 

So you might ask how to deal with Celestron sky portal problems.

If you face WiFi module connectivity issues, try to reset the module. Check your net connection stability within a specified range. Also, use the updated version of the SkyPortal app for a better experience.  

There is a lot to explain. If you have a few minutes, read our entire article to quench your thirst for inquiry. 

 So, let’s get into the business. 

About Celestron SkyPortal

Nowadays, telescopes are quite handy with computerized mounts. You can easily control them with the controller or the computers. But you’ll need an extra WiFi module to maintain your smartphones or tablets. 

Celestron SkyPortal WiFi module is one of the renowned WiFi module manufacturers. And you can control the telescope with Celestron SkyPortal apps. This app is available for both android and ios. 

Solutions to Celestron Sky Portal Problems

As a new user, you might confront some issues that are common to everyone. These issues might be for both WiFi module and mobile app problems.

Here, we’ll cover the most common issues of the SkyPortal App and WiFi modules. 

These errors are similar to that of StarScene problems in many ways. So if you’re familiar with troubleshooting these issues, you’ll easily get the following discussion. 

So, without bragging more, let’s start our discussion-

Problem 1: The app Notification System Is Not Responding

This happens quite often in SkyPortal apps. It might be your carelessness about settings preferences. Or your phone might be silent on an airplane. Also yo, your smartphone’s OS might mute external notification sounds. 


First, check your SkyPortal settings to see whether notification is allowed or blocked. If it’s alright, then check for the smartphone’s notification settings. 

It might happen that you accidentally turned off the notification preference of the SkyPortal app. 

Also, check for notification alert sounds that are working properly or not. Your notification volume might be low. So be sure to raise the book for a better experience. 

Problem 2: Blank Screen Issue

Android users mostly address this issue. When you open the app, it shows a black screen and crashes without warning. It can be caused for several reasons. It includes loading issues, app version issues, overheating issues, and many more. Sometimes battery or charging issues can be blamed for that very issue.  


Check whether the app is properly loading whenever you encounter such an issue. If you observe your app is buffering, remove the app from the background. You can do this by pressing the leftmost button of your smartphone. Then reopen the app, and it should work. 

If it remains, uninstall the app and reinstall it. Don’t worry your previous settings will be restored by android itself. Or you can try it by logging in with a new one. You can also go with an older version of the SkyPortal app. Sometimes it works better than the updated one. 

One last attempt is to try a hard reboot. It’s beneficial when your mobile’s apps are not responding accurately. Press and hold down the “Volume Down” and “Power” buttons for up to 10 seconds. Sometimes, it might be the “Home” and “Power” buttons to press and hold.

Now, open your SkyPortal app, and it should work fine. 

Problem 3: Celestron Mount Not Responding

This problem is similar to that of an ax mount issue. Avx mounts have the same constraints as Celestron mounts. While aligning or slewing your telescope, you’ll get this message heading ‘Connection Failure.’ 


In such cases, check whether the switch on the mount is in the right position. However, the core issue is it uses the 2.5 GHz channel. That’s why it works badly in external interfaces compared to internet clutter. 

The main problem is that it uses the 2.5 GHz channel, which is prone to external interference from ‘Internet clutter” and is close to USB3. Also, the range is pathetic. It would be best if you stayed close to your scope.

Problem 4: Audio Or Video Buffering Issue

When the network gets huge traffic, they respond very slowly. As a result, you might encounter buffered audio and video as well. Sometimes your net connection might also be liable for bad services.


Whenever you encounter such situations, check your network connection first. Check if your net speed and balance are adequate or not. 

For sound problems, we recommend you use headphones. Sometimes audio quality is too low to listen to. Also, remember to volume up when it’s necessary. 

Problem 5: SkyPortal Deposit Issue

It’s a common problem if you can’t see your balance after you’ve deposited it properly. It takes some time to deposit as it goes online.    


In such cases, you should wait for 24-72 hours. They’ll add money to your account; you should see it in the app. If it still doesn’t show up, you might better consult with their developer team. 

However, except for these issues, you might have some alignment errors in a Celestron. Then it would be best if you did some calibration to automate your system with the SkyPortal app. It should solve that particular case. 

That’s how you can deal with those common issues of the SkyPortal App. We hope you’ve got your answer by now and solved your problem.


Question:  How to reset the Celestron SkyPortal WiFi module?

Answer: Plug off the sky portal and plugin it again after a few whiles. It should work as before. If not, try a paper clip to press the reset button over the mount.

Question: Is Celestron SkyPortal App free?

Answer: Yes. It’s completely free on both android and ios. If you own a Celestron Computerized telescope, this app will be handy. 

Question: Do you need GPS for Celestron SkyPortal?

Answer: No. Rather than using GPS, it collects data from your smartphone. Also, this app works well with the Celestron StarScene module. 


Now it’s time to wrap up our discussion. I hope you more or less benefited from our given consultation. It should have answered your query on Celestron sky portal problems. Also, try to follow the tips and tricks that you mentioned above. 

Best of luck. And don’t forget to put your criticism in the comment section below.

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