Nanuk VS Pelican

Nanuk VS Pelican: Which One Is The Superior Case?


Gears like cameras and lenses are super expensive and require a protective case. When looking up on the internet, you’ll always find Pelican and Nanuk on top. As always, it’s best to compare before making a purchase. 

So, what are the differences between Nanuk vs. Pelican

If prices are the first concern, always pick Nanuk cases. They are extremely sturdy in the 100$ range. They are cheaper than Pelican as well. Furthermore, Nanuk handles are slightly better than Pelican. As for latches, Nanuk and Pelican have two different mechanisms. But Nanuk’s latches give a more premium feeling as opposed to Pelican. 

Anyways, that was only a glance at the comparison. We’ve compared both cases head to head in many different categories. 

Please keep reading to know more about these cases and what they excel at.

Nanuk VS Pelican: Primary Differences

Before we start a full-scale discussion, let’s give you a heads-up. Being familiar with key differences is always an advantage. 

It’ll help you understand the comparison well and provide better clarity. Even the smallest difference is important while comparing similar items. 

For example, there are significant dissimilarities between PVS-7 and PVS-14 binoculars. These are to be known before buying one. 

Anyhow, let’s take a look at this table to know how Nanuk differs from Pelican- 

Features Nanuk Pelican
Price Point  90$ to 100$ 130$ to 150$
Design  Modern Classic
Handles  Sturdier Strong
Wheel Quality  Superior Great
Latch  Up and Over Latch Two-stage Latch
Interior Space  Slightly Larger Large

Which case do you like more after going through the table?

Nanuk VS Pelican: Head-To-Head Comparison

While the table may give basic information, they aren’t enough. Because there’s always room for more discussion in these comparisons. 

That’s why we’ve compared both of them in each category in easy words-

Price Point

For a buyer on a budget, prices are always the first concern. Also, why not grab a better-quality product for a lower price? 

Nanuk is a Canada-based company that has recently been Pelican’s closest rival. Pelican, on the other hand, is the creator of this box bag genre. Therefore, they have a higher brand value and the most market share. 

To buy a great Nanuk case, you’ll need around 90$ to 100$ on average. There are higher quality cases available over the 100$ range. 

On the contrary, Pelican is slightly more expensive due to its popularity. The average price of the pelican cases varies from 130$ to 150$. 

Winner: Nanuk is cheaper. Thus it wins this round. 


There are always debates, be it protective cases or lenses for a camera. Nanuk and Pelican have some tough discussions here, like Apochromatic and Achromatic lensesApochromatic and Achromatic lenses, Nanuk and Pelican have some tough arguments here. 

Let’s start with Nanuk cases-

The Nanuk cases are sturdy-looking, and they come in different colors. They offer different sizes for different types of uses. 

On the other hand, Pelican cases are mostly black. But recently, they’ve added multiple color options. As for build quality, Pelican cases are more classic than Nanuk. So, you might not find modern vibes in them. 

Other notable accessories, such as gaskets and pressure valves, are of similar quality. 

Winner: Nanuk wins this round because of more color and design options.


A great case won’t feel comfortable if the handles aren’t good enough. That’s why we’ve given handles an independent category. 

As for side handles, Nanuk offers extremely sturdy handles. They don’t wiggle at all and stay in one place. 

In reverse, Pelican handles are regular. They’re a little bit wiggly. So, you don’t get the premium feeling when you deal with Pelican handles. That’s the only downside. 

Winner: Nanuk handles takes the crown in this category. 

Latch System

Nanuk and Pelican have two different latch systems. And honestly, they’re both great. Because you might face alignment issues with Celestron, but you won’t face any difficulties with these two cases.  

But their mechanism is a little bit different. They use two other latch systems in their cases. 

Starting with Nanuk, you’ll find up-and-over latch systems in their cases. They’re also called “Claw” latches. 

As the name suggests, two claws grab in the opposite direction. I am making them extremely tough while having an easy-to-open system.

As for Pelican, they have regular two-stage latches. All you have to do is to press the latches with some pressure. And they’ll sit right away. 

They’re fairly sturdy and offer great protection. But not as good as the claw system. 

Winner: Nanuk takes the win here too. 

To save you some time, we’ve recommended our top picks-

Nanuk 935
Pelican 1560

You can now easily choose whichever you like more and make a purchase. 

Our Verdict

As you can see, Nanuk is almost unbeatable in every category. Pelican, on the other hand, offers great protection as well. 

What Nanuk doesn’t have is the reputation of the Pelican. Pelican is a very trustworthy company and has great customer care service. 

But if you want to try out Nanuk, don’t hesitate. It does provide more than the price and overall is a great choice. 

By the way, your task is still ongoing after just buying the case. You have to put effort into maintaining the instances. Don’t worry! Replacing the wheels of the cases is easy because they’re similar to normal luggage. 


Question: Is Nanuk 935 carry-on?

Answer: The short answer is yes. It’s a great suitcase if you’re traveling by plane. It can fit anywhere, so don’t worry about it being big. 

Question: Are Pelican cases worth it?

Answer: Consider Pelican if you carry expensive items and need protection. Because they’re super strong in general, thus, it’s hard to go wrong with Pelican cases. 

Question: What are Nanuk cases made of?

Answer: Nanuk cases are made of special resin. It’s called NK-7, and it’s a polypropylene-based resin. There are also some additions to make the case strong and durable. 

Take Away

That was everything we could bring and explain on Nanuk vs. Pelican. We do hope you’ve found some answers that you were looking for. 

By the way, we wanted to share a piece of advice. Could you make sure to always keep your case near you? Yes, they won’t be damaged as easily. But it’s better to take the safest route.  

Finally, have a great day!

Nanuk 935 Waterproof Carry-On Hard Case with Wheels and Foam Insert - Black
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Pelican 1560 Case With Foam (Black)

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