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Celestron Alignment Problems: Here’s How To Solve Them


You are curious about the movement of the celestial bodies far away from our reach. You try to see their actions and position with your newly bought Celestron telescope. But you find it difficult to observe the planets due to not properly aligning the telescope.

Now, what are the fixes for Celestron Alignment Problems?

Setting up the accurate coordinates and the telescope will help with the alignment issue. Celestial bodies change their position at different times of the day due to the earth’s rotation. So you need precise information about their coordinates to pinpoint their location.

Want to know more about the solution? We’ve covered the fixes to the problem in more detail, which may answer all your queries!

Let’s dive in then-

Celestron Alignment Problems: Causes and Fixes

Celestron telescopes are known for their state-of-the-art technologies for looking up distant planets and stars. It’s capable enough to reach 250 times the magnification. The telescope can do wonders with accurate placement, alignment, and correct use of the lens.

But not aligning the telescope properly can rob you of the chance of seeing the night sky. This can also lead to problems with the Celestron StarSense app. Several specific factors play a huge role in the proper alignment of the telescope

Luckily, the user can control various settings manually to fix the alignment issue. But it could be not very clear at times. That’s why we bring you the possible reasons for your alignment issues and their fix-

Miscalculating the Coordinates

The celestial bodies move their positions at certain times of the day due to the earth’s rotation. This can prove challenging when locating an absolute star. 

Setting up the right coordinate is difficult as it varies depending on your location and time. Several apps can help you with information to locate certain objects.


Use the dial directly under the telescope to get your Celestron telescope into position. If you look closely, you’ll see a vertical and horizontal dial. The vertical dial helps you to adjust the longitude coordinates. On the other hand, the horizontal one lets you control the latitude coordinates.

The app will help you with information on particular coordinates to locate certain celestial bodies.

Identifying The Wrong Celestial Body

Misaligning the telescope can sometimes lead you to identify the wrong celestial body. The blurry and unclear view can lead to such misunderstanding.

Some bodies are only visible in certain weather and certain seasons. You can look it up on different apps to check if your finding is correct.


There’s a thing called ‘’Polar Aligning’’ that allows you to position the telescope at a set point. Using the latitude scale, you can use the position to identify stars in the area.

Setting Up Incorrectly

The incorrect set up of the telescope will hinder certain dials from functioning properly. This can include problems when zooming in and out or moving the objective lens.


Follow the instructions in the user manual to set up the telescope correctly. Look out for faulty installations and fix them according to the manual. You can find the user manual of Celestron on their official website.

If you’re using an AVX mount, inspect carefully if anything is troubling your Celestron AVX mount.

Using Clean Lens

The lens of your Celestron telescope might get dusty and blurry after a usage period. This will obscure your vision and make it harder to detect celestial bodies.


Using compressed air to blow away dust particles can help in such conditions. It’ll also help to prevent the lens from collecting scratch marks.

You can try some quality eyepieces for Celestron to replace the old ones.

Alcohol solutions can be an effective solution to clean the lens. Use cotton balls or soft tissue papers to clean the lens with 50-70% alcohol solution.

Here are some of the industry-leading lens cleaners we have picked up for your convenience-

Celestron Lens Cleaning Kit
Altura Photo Professional Camera Cleaning Kit

Facing Technical Defects in Telescope

If all the previous attempts to solve the issue fail, you might have a defective telescope. Read the manual to thoroughly check other minute details before jumping to such a conclusion.


Telescopes with defects can be hard to fix by yourself. So it’s better to leave it in the hands of the professionals. Celestron provides a 2-year warranty with their telescopes, so you can have your problems covered.

Contact Celestron representatives through email or phone and inform them about your issues.

There you have it! That concludes our fixes for the Celestron Alignment problems. Make sure that the device is properly set up. Take the help of the apps available for telescopes to pinpoint the location of the celestial bodies. For more information, visit Celestron’s website.


Question: Do I need to align my telescope whenever I use it?

Answer: The telescope requires aligning in the same direction and orientation. But modern telescopes use software that aligns you with avoiding inaccuracy. This hugely reduces the chance of error.

Question: What is the use of a Finderscope?

Answer: The finderscope is an additional attachment accessory for the telescope. This optical tube provides a wide field of vision. This helps to locate celestial objects before observing them through the main telescope.

Question: What does a star diagonal do?

Answer: It’s an angled mirror or prism used in telescopes. It’s used to view directions perpendicular to the eyepiece axis. Star diagonal offers users for comfortable viewing experience when the telescope is pointed near the zenith.


You just learned the fixes of Celestron alignment problems. We tried to put as much relevant information as possible to help you fix the problem. I hope you find value in this read and come out triumphant in improving the alignment issue.

Have a good day!

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