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Nikon Binocular Eyecup Replacement: How to Choose the Right One?


It’s Annoying!

You are in the market for binocular eyecups and you know that each individual requires a unique configuration of eyecups. 

Well, this situation occurred because the factory Nikon Eyecups didn’t last all year long! We don’t blame that situation too. Nothing is supposed to last an eternity. Enough philosophy! Let’s address the main issue here- 

It’s true that the convenience of using the binocular is directly related to the quality of the eyecups. Individuals have unique facial features, some wear glasses, and the eyecups typically allow us to use binoculars. 

But you are still confused about buying the replacement, right? That is why we investigated and tested over 30 market possibilities. 

Finally, after much nitpicking. We’ve compiled a list of the best Nikon Binocular Eyecup Replacement. Additionally, we’ve divided the sections for your convenience.

Finally, there is a comprehensive buying guide. Therefore, do not pass it up. Allow us to begin-

Comparison Table

        Product Name Eye Shield Material
OMAX AER232 Eyecups  28-30mm Rubber 
BoliOptics Rubber Eye Cups 30mm Rubber 
Phoncoo Eye Guards Cups 29-30mm Rubber 
Youngy Eye Guard Cups  29-30mm Rubber
RUZYY EyePiece Covers  29-30mm Rubber 

OMAX AER232 Eyecups 

More About the Product

There are many options around you if you’ve ever tried to get the greatest eyecups for yourself. We collaborate on the list to determine which product is the greatest on our list. This one topped the others in case of build quality!

Besides, it has a lot of advantages. As a result, you will be able to make a speedy decision.

Let’s have a look at our first set of eyecups, the “OMAX AER232 Microscope Eyecups”-

We’re starting with the most basic human need. It’s all about how simple the product is to use. OMAX can provide you with additional eye comfort. As a result, you’ll be able to deal with it promptly and comfortably.

Following the section on comfort, we’ll talk about the product’s weight. It weighs 0.798 ounces, which is relatively lightweight for a user. The OMAX also has a size of 4*2.5*0.5 inches, which makes the eyecups look more effective.

The following eyecups, on the other hand, are composed entirely of rubber. As a result, it has the ability to fold.

After that, we return to the product’s fits and compatibility. phi23. 2mm eyepieces are compatible with the majority of microscopes. Eyepieces with a diameter of phi28mm-phi30. 5mm are held at the top. 

It’s all about the “OMAX AER232 Microscope Eyecups”. For you, we strongly suggest the product. You can easily use this on your Nikon Binoculars! You have our word for that.


  • Fits pretty well.
  • Excellent replacement for telescope eyepiece.
  • Allows viewing for a long period of time. 
  • It’s comfortable to the eye.
  • Eyecups are quite durable.
  • These are extremely well made


  • Did not fit the 400x laser scope.


BoliOptics Rubber Eye Cups

More About the Product

We’ll go on to our second product, a “BoliOptics Rubber Eye-Cups” type, after the convincing. It also has a separate overview of what you should know before buying new eyecups.

The only material used in this product is rubber. When you hold the eyecups in your hands, they can have a pleasing feel to them. The eyecups are simple to use.

Following that, we’ll discuss the inside lip of the eyecups. The eye guard is held in position by the inner lip (6mm, 0.24 inch), which prevents it from slipping down on the eyepieces.

Then we return our attention to the eye guard. To fit eyepieces with an outside diameter of roughly 30mm, the eye guards extend somewhat by 1-2 mm (1.18 inches). The dimension of the product is 6 x 6 x 6 inches which are quite easy to fit in the microscopes. It even works great with the Nikon Binoculars!

It lends the goods a well-balanced and visually appealing aesthetic aspect. Because of this, it is highly recommended for individuals who are new to the working environment.


  • They fit well.
  • They don’t flare out for the eye side. 
  • Specifically designed for binos.
  • They are easy to fold.
  • These are superbly constructed.


  • Works the best for the microscope eyepieces. 

Phoncoo Eye Guards Cups

More About the Product

This is also a high-quality binocular, with a rubberized body. Despite the fact that it also has some important characteristics of the last two products, “Phoncoo Eye Guards Cups” is also a good product. 

And there’s plenty to talk about, in addition. So, let’s get right to the point about the product’s features and specifications:

To start the proceedings, you’ll notice that this eyecup is composed of soft rubber. As a result, it is simple to fold.

After that, eye shields made of rubber with various diameters are used. When in use, the eyecups prove to be rather sturdy.

Similarly, the “Phoncoo Eye Guards Cups” are designed to fit eyepiece lenses that are 29-30mm in diameter. The Eyecups for the microscope telescope eyepiece is made of rubber. So, there’s comfort all around. 

When it comes to the question of whether it would fit your Nikon Binoculars, yep! It does fit in quite easily.


  • Providing extra comfortable for eyes.
  • Fitting most of microscopes.
  • Multiple diameter rubber eye guards.
  • Durable in use.
  • They are easy to foldable


  • This item is very low in quality

Youngy Eye Guard Cups

More About the Product

While there are a few on our list, this one is special in many ways. The “Young Eye Guards Cup” has some different features.

So, what is the Youngy Eye Guard’s most common benefit? Let’s talk about it-

Firstly, the rubber is most softly covered and can be easily folded. There are multiple diameter rubber eyeshields.

After that, they are pretty durable in use. Multiple diameter rubber eye guards eye shields. 

It has only 0.317 ounces weight which is relatively lightweight. Also, The dimension of the product is 3.15*1.5*0.75 inches. Their eyeshield is restricted to 29 to 30 mm.

So this is all about the Youngy eye guards. We may recommend it to you.


  • They are simple to fold.
  • They are quite long-lasting while in use.
  • These are quite well-made.
  • A great alternative to a telescope eyepiece.
  • Most lightweight product


  •   Eyecups made of foam can reduce your peripheral vision

RUZYY EyePiece Covers 

More About the Product

Our final item on our buying list has been introduced, and it is now time to break it down for you. It is made with rubber armor for added protection against the elements. 

Here, it even has the potential to compete with other products currently available on the marketplace.

Aside from that, it has a number of additional distinguishing qualities. Is there anything else you’d like me to do for you? Here is some additional information to share with you:

It is a product with an inner diameter of approximately 29-30mm and an outer diameter of approximately 32-33mm. It is made of rubber. The comfort factor is great, honestly!

Following that, the “RUZYY Eyepiece” has a height of around 20mm. It appears to be of high quality in terms of its overall appearance. You may also make a purchase of this item.


  • Soft rubber can be folded.
  • Multiple diameter rubber eye guards eye shields.
  • Durable in use.
  • Fit for 29-30mm eyepiece lens.
  • Eyecups for microscope telescope eyepiece.


  • Item color displayed in photos may be showing slightly differently.


Which Factors to Focus on When Going For Replacement?

Despite the fact that we have discussed 10 distinct products in this list, we believe that selecting one of them is difficult. We’ve divided them into groups based on the content of the other parts. And we believe it will be beneficial to you.

If that doesn’t help, we believe, this section will help you out. Here, we’re presenting the buying guide. In this section, you’ll know about the buying factors that are needed to know. Let’s go-


When it comes to the creation of our eyecups, rubber is the major material employed. “OMAX AER232” are the best available. The eyecups are made of rubber armor, which is a high-quality material.

Aside from that, the “Youngy Eye Guards Cup” is composed of high-quality rubber that is very long-lasting.

All of these eyecups are rather lightweight and portable. When compared to other eyecups, the OMAX AER232 eyecups are the best in terms of quality, and the Youngy Eye Guards Cup is the most lightweight.


The eyecups do a wonderful job of allowing you to see what you’re looking at through your microscopes or binoculars. The use of 1.51X view magnification makes it easier to discover amazing ideas and achieve precise focus.

You can see the view clearly without glasses if you have a suitable assist for short-sighted or long-sighted persons (within 500 degrees of the horizon). 

After being installed, the camera helps to relieve pressure on your organs by keeping them away from the screen.

The eyecups are extremely durable and lightweight. Make it easy and clear for a photographer using glasses to identify and photograph scenes.


When applying liquid treatments to the eyes, a small oval cup with a rim that is curved to match the orbit of the eye is used to do so. 

This includes all of the eyecups, which are reasonably sturdy as you can see, and are suitable for any binoculars or microscopes that are intended to be used for extended periods of time.


It is important to know the weight! The folding process can be difficult if you’re using heavy eyecups, for example. And, more importantly, why is this so?

Having thick eyecups, on the other hand, means you’ll have to carry around extra weight and exert additional effort. Even if you decide to use it, you’ll have to put in the extra effort to be successful. As a result, your binoculars or microscopes appear to be cumbersome.

In order to avoid this, it’s preferable to go for a more lightweight solution. By picking this, you will be able to fold it and utilize it with relative ease.

Waterproof Ability

Sea surroundings have a completely different effect on optics than land environments; waterproofness is an absolute requirement for eyecups when used in maritime contexts.

In the presence of saltwater, seamen frequently employ binoculars, which can inflict irreversible harm to practically anything in contact. 

Using an eyecup to protect the binoculars is a simple and effective method of protecting them. It has been shown that the salts found in ocean water can react with the costly layers of lenses, leaving them completely ineffective.

However, it is recommended to have waterproof eyecups rather than relying on the feature to find oneself in a difficult situation. 

Unexpected rain or an unintentional splash of water on a bare binocular can damage some factors. And, these normal ones have no sort of protection on them.

In our last five assessments of eyecups, we highlighted that the majority of them are water-resistant. Therefore, it is straightforward to use and does not raise any issues.


Question: What is an eye shield in an eyecup?

Answer: The Eye Shield is a flexible molded rubber substance that attaches to the binocular’s eyepiece. The Eye Shield cradles your eye and eliminates glare caused by ambient light from entering the area between your eye and the binocular eyepiece

Question: How do you measure the diameter of an eyepiece?

Answer: Remove one side of your eyepiece and measure the diameter of the open eye tube in millimeters to ascertain the size. Some eyepieces include a fixed screw that must be released with an Allen wrench or a tiny screwdriver before they may be removed. The majority of microscopes will have eyepieces with a focal length of 23 mm and a power of 10X.

Question: How do you find a diameter?

Answer: The diameter-to-radius relationship is stated in the diameter-to-radius formula. The diameter is divided into two pieces, each of which is a radius. As a result, the formula is Diameter = 2 * radius measurement. This formula can be written as d=2r.


It’s been a pleasure, everyone, thank you! Finally, after a lengthy stroll, we’ve finished our review guide and can relax. Now, we’re hoping that you’ve been successful in your search for the Nikon Binocular Eyecup Replacement.

However, if things get out of hand, refer to the purchase guide to determine which criteria should be prioritized. 

Alternatively, if it doesn’t work, please remark in the comments below. We’ll be more than delighted to assist you. That’s all there is from our end; goodbye!

OMAX AER232 Small Pair of Rubber Eyecups for Microscopes, black

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BoliOptics 30mm Rubber Eye Cups, Microscope Eye Guards, Foldable (Pair) 30mm Diameter Mounting Size SZ02013911

as of June 16, 2024 10:22 pm

RUZYY 2Pieces Soft Rubber EyePiecee Eye Shield 29-30mm Eye Guards Cups EyePiecee Covers for Binocular Microscope

as of June 16, 2024 10:22 pm

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