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6 Effective Methods To Fix NexStar Hand Control Problems


NexStar hand control problems can be quite frustrating. You can miss out on seeing a night full of stars. You wouldn’t want that to happen, would you?

So, how to fix the Nexstar hand control problems?

Nexstar hand control problems can be fixed with various methods. You can factory reset your hand control digitally and, in the worse case, manually. Also, insufficient power to your hand control can be the culprit. Check the sockets and connectors of the hand control if they’re seated properly. Lastly, replacing the connectors can also solve the problem.

These are only the gist of the entire NexStar hand problem situation. If you’re looking for in-depth information, we’ve got this whole article for that.

Let’s look into the details!

Different Methods of Fixing NexStar Hand Control Problem

There can be many reasons behind NexStar hand control not working properly. Here, we’ll discuss multiple fixes for your NexStar hand control problems. So let’s get down to business-

Method 1: Factory Reset

Suppose your NexStar hand control is acting up or not working properly. A possible solution can be using the factory reset settings option.

If it doesn’t work through the alignment procedure, go to the “Utilities” option. Then reset the hand control setting to its default settings. This method has been reported to be useful for many new scopes.

Also, for replacing hand controls, this solution worked for many users. You might look at the differences between Evescope and Stellina, where hand control problems are rare.

But keep in mind that it’ll reset all your previous settings.

Method 2: Manual Factory Reset

If your NexStar hand control doesn’t start up, resetting manually is the only option. This is useful if you can’t access the main menu.

Firstly, power down the scope and hold the “0” button on the hand control. This will power up the area. Additionally, it’ll do a factory reset on your settings while turning it on.

Method 3: Low power

NexStar hand control is also quite common for not working due to power problems. Make sure you’ve charged batteries with optimal voltage.

If there’s an issue regarding power, look into it.

Method 4: Socketed Circuit Chips

If your circuit chips are not placed properly, it can cause some issues. It’s prevalent in very old hand controls. The circuit chips are not seated properly. Thus, it doesn’t work properly.

To deal with this problem, open the hand control. Remove the six small screws on the hand control’s back. After opening the back of the hand control, put two medium-sized circuit chips. Place the chips firmly into their slots.

After placing the circuit chips properly, reassemble the hand control. While putting the screws back in, ensure not to tighten them too much. Otherwise, it might damage the plastic.

Method 5: Loose or Faulty Connectors

Loose connectors inside the hand control can also cause problems if the display’s backlight is dim or doesn’t light up properly. There might be a connection issue in the circuit board.

But don’t worry! Solving this problem is easier than blocking your neighbor’s lights and disrupting your stargazing.

Open the hand control the way explained in the previous problem. Check the cable leading from the LCD panel to the circuit board. Make sure the connectors are firmly connected to the circuit board.

Suppose the hand control has a problem powering up. Then there is a possibility of a faulty connector that the hand control plugs into. You can try using an AUX jack instead of the normal hand-control jack for this problem. 

Additionally, you should also check if the pins of the connector have corrosion or not. A breakdown on the hook can interrupt low-voltage signals which can cause problems.

If you find any corrosion on the pins, then clean them. You can use contact cleaners available in any electronics store. 

Also, make sure not to use it too much. The excess cleaner can short out the electrical connections. Use cotton dumped in contact cleaner to rub out any corrosion.

Method 6: Replacing the Connectors

It’s very common for NexStar hand controls to have socket or connector problems. If any of the discussed fixes don’t work, replace the sockets and connectors.

In terms of connectors, you can check out the products given below:-

Connect celestron nexstar eq6
Feanteek USB to RJ9 Cable for NexStar

Once you have your connectors in hand, open the back of the hand control. Then replace the sockets and the connectors carefully. Reassemble the hand control afterward.

Hopefully, you can fix your problem through one of these methods. Contact NexStar’s customer support or a professional if the problem persists.

Additionally, choosing the right software is also important for smooth operation. For instance, comparing Astrobarry and StellarMate can give you a good idea.


Question: How can I get a new hand control for my NexStar?

Answer: You can order a new hand control from NexStar’s website. But make sure to order the right one according to your model.

Question: How do I know if my hand control is faulty and not my mount?

Answer: If you’re unsure, you can use a new hand control. Or you can borrow someone else’s hand control of the same model. This way, you will know if your mount has any problem.

Question: Where can I buy the sockets and connectors from?

Answer: You can order them from NexStar’s website. Or, you can find them in any physical or online electrical shop. You might also find similar connectors in other devices. So you can also extract them from those if you need to.


That’s everything we have regarding Nexstar hand control problems. We hope we can give you a concrete solution to the problem.

Also, be careful of your safety while trying to fix the problem. Use protection tools while fixing the sockets or connectors. If you have any further queries, do let us know.

Good luck with your astronomical adventures! Until next time!

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