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Stellarmate vs Asiair: Which Is More User Friendly?


Astrophotography is an exotic hobby that requires a PC with the internet. But some of us are travelers and like to photograph stars from different places. For that, you’ll need a portable WiFi smart device. 

Therefore, what are the differences between Stellarmate vs. Asiair

Let’s mention the price range first. Stellarmate devices go around for $155 or less. But Asian is $100 more expensive and will cost you around $249. Here’s one advantage Stellarmate possesses despite being cheap. And that’s its support for all sorts of cameras. On the contrary, Asiair only supports ASI cameras. But between the two, Asiair is easier to use. 

That was nothing but a short answer to a detailed discussion. Please just read along if you’d like to know more about these wifi devices.

Let’s not wait any longer and head right in, shall we?

Stellarmate VS Asiair: Primary Differences 

We’ve discussed both of the products and compared them with one another. But it can be hard to understand if you don’t know the differences beforehand.

One needs a good heads-up even when comparing camera bags like Nanuk & PelicanNanuk & Pelican, one needs a good heads-up. That’s why we’ve summarized and made a shortlist for you. 

Here’s what you’ve been looking for- 

Features Stellarmate Asiair
Price Range  $155.00 $249.00
Camera Support  All cameras-only only only Only ASI & Specific DSLR Cameras
Functionality  Decent Plug & Play
Compatibility  iOS, Android, Windows & Linux iOS & Android only
Wifi Hotspot Range  Great  Not Impressive

These are all the basic differences that can alter the user experience. Which one are you liking more now? 

Stellarmate vs. Asiair: Both Mini Systems Compared 

A portable astrophotography system gives you a lot of benefits. You don’t need to carry a PC around anymore. Plug in the device and set your tools. 

But both of these systems offer some advantages over the other. Let’s have a look at them with more details, shall we? 

Price Range

We’re starting with the price range first because it matters the most. At least for most of the users, anyway. It’s an external system. So, you may not want to speed up too much on it. 

Stellarmate is available around the market for $155. This is a great deal for both beginners and experts. 

On the contrary, the air is priced at $100 more and is available from $249. This pricing may shock you. But you can save on this product by buying an ASI camera with it. 

With an ASI camera, it costs around $400. 

Winner: Stellarmate takes the win for having a better price option. 

Camera Support

The biggest difference after the price point is the cameras they support. Many people have different sorts of cameras, like QHY and ZWO

Remember that not all of these cameras are compatible. So, go through the section carefully. 

Despite being cheaper, stellar mate surprisingly supports all the available cameras. Have you got an Orion camera? You can get a Stellarmate with your eyes closed. 

But it’s not the same story for Asians. It only supports ASI cameras. While it may synchronize with the camera better, it’s still a downside. It may be too big of a downside. 

The small positive thing is that Asia does support some mainstream DSLR cameras. Nikon or Canon DSLR cameras can be used with asiair. But they’re extremely pricey. On the other hand, ATIK or QHY cameras can’t be used with Asiair. 

This forces you to buy an ASI camera to use it. If you already have a camera, then go for Stellarmate. If you already own an ASI camera, opt for asiair. 

Winner: Stellarmate wins for having better support across all the cameras. 


Better functionality is necessary, and everyone is willing to go that extra length. For example, a good filter for the nebula is essential to capture a nebula. 

Stellarmate may face further updates at all times. This could be more pleasant to some people. Other than that, they’re super easy to operate, and it’s all great. 

On the contrary, the easier is the true plug and play. You don’t need to worry about a single thing. Just plug it in and boot up the system. 

All you need is one ASI camera and an iOS/Android system. So, if you can afford it, Asiair will be a great ride. 

Winner: In terms of functionality alone, asiair is ahead of stellarmate. 


While camera support is important, compatibility also matters. Because the system isn’t compatible with your PC or MAC, it’s not worth it. 

They are starting with Stellarmate again. Stellarmate devices are instantly compatible with all sorts of devices. It will run regardless of whether you have an android tablet or a Windows laptop. 

Stellarmate supports iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux. So, everything is compatible with this device. 

But Asiair, on the other hand, only supports iOS devices and android. This is a bummer. Since it costs $100 more, it should have at least supported all platforms. 

Again, if you have a Macbook, Asiair may benefit you. Otherwise, Stellarmate is the only choice here. 

Winner: Stellarmate wins the round. 

Lastly, there are some complaints about Asiair’s WiFi Range. You can use your old router to increase your WiFi range. Or, just buy a new extender if you’re facing a problem. 


Question: Is Stellarmate free?

Answer: With Stellarmate devices, you get the Stellarmate app. This app features an interesting automating tool. And that’s completely free! All you need is a Stellarmate device, and you can get started. 

Question: Does Asiair work with DSLR?

Answer: Asiair only supports a few mainstream cameras. If you own other DSLR cameras for Nikon or Canon, then probably not. Asiair’s support system needs to be improved. 

Question: How do I connect to Stellarmate?

Answer: There are three ways to connect to Stellarmate. First, you can always connect to LAN via an ethernet cable. You can also use the Stellarmate app to connect wirelessly. Finally, using an HDMI cable, you can directly connect your PC.

Final Words 

That was all we could gather on stellarmate vs. asiair. We sincerely hope that was enough to push you towards a final decision. 

Before you leave us, here’s a side tip from us. Don’t get too stressed if you own a different camera. If you want to switch, make sure what camera you can buy for the same price. 

Finally, have a nice day!

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