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Bak4 Vs Bak7 [Detailed Difference And Descripton]


Binoculars are a great invention. Whether hiking, stargazing, or nature watching, binoculars are the best portable system. So, you are looking to buy a binocular and would like to know the better option between BAK4 and BAK7. 

In this article, we have made a detailed description of the differences.

So, Bak4 vs. Bak7, which is better?

There is a simple way to differentiate the two prisms. The Bak4 is clearer and used for day and night watching. While the Bak 7 is better for glare protection. Besides this, the two prisms have distinctive differences. 

Now we will look at the differences through which we can decide the better of the two prisms.

Quick Difference

Even though the prisms are created similarly, they serve two distinct markets. This post section will quickly review the major distinctions between the two systems. The most significant differences are listed in the following table.

Features Bak 4 Bak 7
Prism Type Roof Prism Porro Prism
Speciality Daytime and Nighttime Daytime Glare protection
Price High Priced Low Priced

This concludes our discussion of the primary differences between Bak4 and Bak7 prism lenses for binoculars. In the following section of the article, we’ll go over these significant distinctions in further detail.

Detailed Difference

The value section mentions that the distinctions can be split into four broad groups. These distinctions impact the overall visual and optical capabilities of the various binoculars. 

Remember that the Bak4 and Bak7 are two different types of the prism. And these two prisms are utilized for different kinds of binoculars. 

The binoculars may come in several shapes and sizes; the prism variety gives the same ocular service. So, now let us look at the detailed differences.

Prism Type

The prism is the reflecting panel that permits the images to be magnified. This is applied by the binoculars when they are used with them. Furthermore, the various prism types enable different picture distortion and magnification effects. 

Prisms are often classified into two categories. The Roof prism and the Porro prism are the two types of prisms. The Bak4 is a form of prism known as a Roof prism. This is a more advanced sort of prism. 

Furthermore, it is more expensive because the reflective index required for this prism is obtained through more difficult processes. The roof prism enables the binoculars to be more narrowly constructed. 

It also allows the binoculars to be waterproof. The waterproofing feature is a bonus. Roof prism binoculars are completely waterproof. Aside from that, the roof prism binoculars provide a more precise vision over time.

They are more durable and solidly built than the Porro prism binoculars. Looking at the Bak7, we can see they are made of a Porro pattern. If you compare Qhy with Zwo, you must notice similar differences.

Porro prisms are made up of two prisms that are adjacent to one another and are ideal for tiny binoculars. They produce a binocular that is broader but shorter in length. They could be made water resistant. However, the prism only normally has this advantage in some cases. 

It’s something that will have to be included later on down the road. The Porro prism is also notorious for being less durable than other prisms and becoming less precise over time. 

For this reason, low care may result in the prisms becoming kinked. When it comes to this, the Roof prism is advantageous.

And these were the prism differences.


The numerous varieties of binoculars are built distinctly. And these two have chosen to specialize in two distinct areas of binoculars. The Bak4 binocular is a more well-balanced and solid kit than the Bak7. 

It is suitable for usage both during the day and at night. This is because the Bak4’s prisms enable clearer lenses to be used in the system. 

This is more beneficial to the overall performance of the binoculars. The Bak4 is great for stargazing, be it looking at comets or the different colors of Polaris. Such as yellow Polaris.

The Bak7, conversely, is more effective in reducing glare exposure. This is designed specifically for daylight use. This is because the prisms have been calibrated to work with lenses. They have a fuzzy and shaded contour around the edges of their lenses. 

The glare shielding provided by this is excellent. As a result, this function needs to be configurable, and the image quality is frequently fuzzy or blurred. And it’s even harder at night when trying to look at something. 

During the night, the blurred effects of the lenses lead the already dark images to become even darker. This occurrence is due to the blurred effects of the lenses. It also results in a lower level of service from the Bak7.

In many cases, you should keep your lenses clean. This may help in clearing out any dirt or blurs. So we have included some great cleaning products for you. 

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So, in this case, the Bak4 provides a more balanced service than the Bak7.


The Bak4 and Bak7 are prisms that can be used with a wide range of binoculars. As a result, they need a price that is readily available in the marketplace. 

However, the quality of the prisms determines the price of the binoculars created from them. This may vary depending on the model. The pricing of binoculars can differ significantly from model to model based on each model’s features.

However, the prisms have an impact on the entire category of models as well as their costs. The Bak4 is a higher-quality product. It is constructed from a more durable material. Furthermore, it is more expensive to manufacture. 

As a result, it is the more expensive of the two binoculars in comparison to the other. The Bak7, on the other hand, is a more affordable entry-level model. It’s less difficult for the maker. 

Furthermore, it has a flimsy construction. As a result, the Bak7-based binoculars are less expensive than their predecessors. When compared to the Bak4 binoculars, the Bak7 binoculars are less expensive.

Final Verdict

So, we can decide after looking at all the differences and characteristics of the two prisms. The Bak4 provides a better overall balanced service. At the same time, the Bak7 is specialized for glare protection. 

But this feature causes the Bak7 to underperform in many situations. So, the Bak4 is better in most sectors but is significantly more expensive. So, if we are looking for better performance and do not care about the price, the Bak4 is the better choice. 

And the Bak4 is the overall better choice between the two.


What is BAK4 glass, and how does it work?

‘Bak4’ refers to a type of optical glass produced by Schott AG. This is a well-established and reputable German maker of optical glass. BaK is an abbreviation for BaritleichKron, which is German for “Barium Crown.” Prisms in most high-end binoculars are made of this material.

What exactly is the BAK4 prism design?

It has a high refractive index and a lower critical angle compared to other materials. This means it transmits light more efficiently and allows for less light loss owing to internal reflection, such as that caused by internal bubbles trapped during the manufacturing process.

What is FMC coating, and how does it work?

FMC is an abbreviation for fully multi-coated. The abbreviation FMC is commonly used to refer to the term completely multi-coated. It is possible to reduce reflection by coating the optical surface of a lens. With a specific layer, it is accomplished through the coating process.


So, now you know all there is to know about Bak4 vs. Bak7. And now you will be confident enough to decide while buying the binoculars. We hope you were happy with our information. 

And until the next time we meet, farewell!

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