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Celestron Vs Meade [Detailed Difference]


When it comes to the greats, Meade and Celestron are the best in astronomy. They are the best in the business and are comparable in most categories. But they have a few distinctive differences and we have described them all.

So, in this article, we will solve all of your issues regarding this question.

Celestron vs Meade, which is better? 

Their main differences lie in the built quality of the different models. While the Celestron models are usually lower priced and the models of Meade are higher. They also differ in the warranties that they provide. One provides for a year while the other gives for two. 

Now we will go over a quick difference between the two brands.

Quick Comparison 

Even though the Celestron and the Meade are the market leaders they have some certain differences. And in this section of the article, we will go over their differences at a quick glance.

Features Celestron Meade
Eye Piece Good Quality Eye Pieces Throughout  Low Quality in Beginner Models
Motor Consistency Good Model Consistency Throughout Noisy Motors in Better Models
Weight Balance Light Weight Balance Heavy Weight Balance
Price Lower Price Range Higher Price Range
Warranty 2 Year Warranty 1 Year Warranty

And these are the major differences between the two brands. These were the differences in a quick glance but in the next section, we will go over the details.

Detailed Comparison 

Detailed explanations of the differences are provided in this section. These distinctions are based on model categories that are widely used. And they are specific to each of the model categories that will be discussed in detail.

Apart from that, the variances between the two brands demonstrate the overall quality disparities between them. As you will see in the following section.

Eye Piece

The eyepieces are available in a variety of sizes and focus points. There may be a difference in the quality of the eyepieces across different categories of telescopes. The primary difference between the Meade and Celestron telescope eyepieces is simple. 

The difference is the level of difficulty at which they are designed for beginners. This distinction may be found in the primary beginner-level telescopes offered by both companies. 

In the instance of Celestron, they give an eyepiece of generally high quality for all of their models. It is common for them to include these high-quality eyepieces. Be it in their beginner, intermediate, and advanced level telescopes, respectively. 

As a result, Celestron telescopes are ideal for users who are just getting started with telescopes. In contrast, the Meade brand’s beginner-level telescopes come with subpar eyepieces, which makes for a poor viewing experience. 

Beginner-level Meade telescopes are notorious for having mediocre eyepieces, although the majority of their other components are excellent. As a result, the intermediate and advanced level telescopes are equipped with excellent eyepieces. 

But the beginning-level telescopes are substandard. One thing of note while discussing eyepieces is cleaning them. So, for your convenience, we have recommended some cleaning products for eyepieces.

Product 1
Product 2

So these were the main issues regarding the eyepieces in the beginner models.

Motor Consistency

The consistency of the motors in the telescopes refers to the stability and lubrication of the motors. There are several instances where the lubrication of the motor linkages for the telescope mounts is inefficient. 

Telescope mounts that are powered by motors are only found on the intermediate and advanced telescope sets available. Celestron telescopes, for example, have well-lubricated motor mounts that are consistent across all models in their line-up. 

To a certain extent, this helps to alleviate the alignment problems. On the other side, the Meade telescopes have a noisy motor noise. And this sound in many cases makes them unsuitable for astronomy. 

The Meade telescopes make a mechanical robust sound while shifting. This refers to the fact that the motors that are active inside the mount are well-known for creating loud noises when the gears are shifting. 

Many people find this to be an annoyance. But others believe it adds to the mechanical ambiance of the telescopes’ design.

Weight Balance

The weight balance of a telescope is key. It is considered by many to be one of the most important considerations when selecting a telescope. In general terms, this is the weight of the telescope and extremities. 

To be exact, the proportional weight of its exterior components. A heavily balanced telescope is the best choice for standard astrology. It is for anyone who intends to use the telescope from a fixed point of view. 

The opposite is true for persons who travel a lot and who prefer lighter, more balanced telescopes. Consequently, astrologers or stargazers who follow sky charts prefer lighter loads. 

They would want a slimmer body and better overall balance than the average person. They prefer something that can easily fit into their apache travel case.

And if we take a look at the Celestron line, we will see that these telescopes are light. And are typically known for their lightweight and balanced design. 

The Meade, on the other hand, is a more solidly constructed telescope. Additionally, this has a heavier weight balance.


The price ranges of the two companies are competing in a number of ways. However, if you look at things from a different perspective, you will see the difference. The Celestron telescopes are less expensive than the other brands. 

Meade to be exact. This is due to the fact that they start at a price range of USD 50 and go up to a price range of around USD 8,700. And, in the case of the Meade brand, they start at USD 45 and can go up to USD 19,000, depending on the configuration. 

As a result, we can see that Celestron is less expensive. However, one thing to keep in mind is that Celestron offers a smaller selection of telescopes. This is evident when compared to Meade’s. This is true if you take a look at their price ranges in comparison.

Warranty Policies

This category is quite straightforward. The warranty provided by Meade is for 1 year. Whereas Celestron provides a 2-year to a limited lifetime warranty for their telescopes. So, in this case, Celestron provides a better deal.

So, now that we have taken a look at their differences in detail we can come to a conclusion.

Final Verdict

Both brands are great for telescopes but they approach the market differently. As a brand, Celestron is cheaper and has a better warranty for products. It also is a better beginner telescope brand as it is beginner user friendly

On the other hand, Meade provides more variety to their products and is great for more advanced uses of astronomy. 

So, in my humble opinion, Celestron provides a better customer deal and a better bang for your buck. Because they provide a more simplified selection of products and have better after-purchase services.


Can you trust the Celestron name?

When it comes to astronomy-related products, Celestron is a household name. Founded by Tom Johnson in 1960, Celestron is a manufacturer of telescopes.

How would you classify Meade?

For a long time, Meade Instruments has been producing the best and most outstanding telescopes. Meade’s refracting telescopes are among the best in the business.

Is Celestron based in China?

Synta Technology Corporation of Taiwan is the parent business of Celestron. A corporation that makes and distributes telescopes as well as telescope-related accessories in the United States.


To cap off our article we hope you understand all there is to understand about Celestron vs Meade. Our services are always there for people in need of assistance.

So, till the next time, we meet, Adios!

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