binoculars 7x50 vs 10x50

Binoculars 7×50 Vs 10×50: Which One to Buy?


Choosing a binocular between 7×50 and 10×50 is a difficult choice to make. However, there are some good sides and some drawbacks of both kinds of binoculars.  

So which one is better between binoculars 7×50 vs 1050?

Binoculars with a magnification of 7×50 will give you a 7mm exit pupil. It is the maximum size you should utilize. A 5mm exit pupil is much better in 10×50 binoculars. The brighter the image, the smaller the exit pupil. Nevertheless, the closer your eye must be to the eyepiece. Otherwise, it’s more difficult to use for some people.

Are you still in a dilemma which one to buy? We have all the information you need in this article. 

Dive into this article and find it yourself. 

Binoculars 7×50 Vs 10×50: Quick Overview

In case you’re in a hurry, we’ve set up a table for you. This ought to be beneficial-

Feature 7×50 Binoculars 10×50 Binoculars
Magnification  7x 10x
Angle of View 6.4° (Actual) 6.5° (Actual)
Field of View 111.2 @1000m 113.2 @1000m
Exit Pupil Diameter 7.1 mm 5 mm
Price Less Expensive More Expensive
Eye Relief 17.6 mm 11.8 mm
Fogproof Not Specified Not Specified
Water Resistance  Not Specified Not Specified

Binoculars 7×50 Vs 10×50: Detailed Comparison

You’ll need to understand what the numbers in the description of the binoculars mean. It will take some time before you can select the best binoculars for your needs. Check out the right binoculars for you.

A binocular’s size is measured in two dimensions. The binoculars’ magnification power is indicated by the first number (for example, 7 in 750). Alternatively, how much larger the subject will appear when viewed using binoculars compared to when viewed with the naked eye.

The diameter or aperture of the objective lenses, expressed in millimeters. The second number distinguishes it (the 50 in the 750). 750 binoculars have a 50mm objective lens and a 7x magnification as a result.

Let’s look at some of their features when you’ve finished comprehending the specifications.

Magnification Strength

The 1050 will undoubtedly increase the size of the image by a factor of ten. In this case, it’s more than seven times bigger.

The greater magnification power you have, the more precise the details of faraway objects will be. The field of view, on the other hand, will be reduced (the width of the area seen through the binoculars).

Stability issues arise as magnification increases. To put it another way, the higher the magnification, the heavier the apparatus. Some vintage Japanese binoculars are very good and have high magnification strength.

Hand-held usage of a 7x binocular is likely to be pleasant. A 10x model, on the other hand, will be more difficult to keep stable, necessitating the use of a tripod or support.

Field of View

At 1,000 yards, this is the image’s angular width (or meters). At 1,000 yards, each degree of vision corresponds to 52.5′ or 17.5 m. It’s more difficult to find what you’re looking for if your field of view is constrained.

When comparing binoculars, take in mind that the field of view may also affect eye relief. The easier it is to track, the wider the vision.Although image quality may suffer as a result, particularly around the margins. But you can check out some high quality star atlas as well. 

The fields of vision of most 7×50 marine binoculars are in the 7 range. However, some pairs are narrow (less than 6) and others are wide (up to 8.3). So keep this figure in mind when purchasing and weigh the benefits and drawbacks.

In low-light situations, this is helpful. Magnification with a higher magnification factor, on the other hand, has a negative impact on brightness. As a result, a view of 750 would be more dazzling.

Binoculars 7×50 Vs 10×50: Who Is The Winner? 

The answer actually depends on you. Do you want a larger field of vision to study something that’s close by? Then 750 could be a good choice. Are you, on the other hand, out in the field, hunting or tracking something far away? 

Then 1050 could be the best option for you. Each gadget has various elements to consider. As well as benefits and downsides, just like any other equipment. However, there is another popular debate on 8×42 and 10×50 binoculars. You can also have a look at that.

You must also evaluate your financial situation. As well as any additional accessories you might want to employ, such as weight and feel. To find the perfect fit, you’ll probably have to try a few.

If you’re looking for a pair of binoculars, here are some suggestions:

Product 1 Celestron 71198
Product 2 Bushnell Falcon 10×50


Question: What are the uses of 7×50 binoculars? 

Answer: Due to its comfortable magnification power, excellent light-gathering qualities, and large exit pupil. The 7×50 binocular is the typical marine binocular. Regardless of size, features, or power, any binocular can be utilized on the sea. 

Question: What is the best zoom for binoculars? 

Answer: Binoculars with a magnification of 7x to 10x are appropriate if you only want them for general use. And it’s not for a specialized pastime. These will provide enough magnification for most activities while remaining stable. That’s even if your palm shakes somewhat. Binoculars are designated by two numerals, for example, 7×35 or 10 x 50.

Question: How good are zoom binoculars? 

Answer: While the zooming feature is an excellent addition to binoculars, most zoom binoculars today do not provide the same quality. Not as fixed magnification binoculars. The observer will see visuals that are hazy and toned down. That’s if he or she uses a pair of zoom binoculars. 


That’s all we have regarding binoculars 7×50 vs 10×50. We hope it cleared out all your confusion. Now you know which binocular you should choose for yourself. However, if you still have any confusion or queries, you can stay back and ask. 

That’s all from our side. Hope to see you soon again!

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