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Best Right Angle Finderscope: To Give Your Eyesight Relief


Hello, there fellow astronomers! We heard you’re having a bit of a rough time spending too much time with your telescope viewing the night sky. 

Well, pursuing a hobby is easy. And astronomy is a subject of passion for some. But what do you do when you’re straining your neck trying to find the perfect angle to observe the stars? 

And your eyes need relief from focusing too much on the glare of the planetary objects, don’t they?

Yeah, we know that it gets hard to spend a long time with your telescope. And honestly, we understand your hassle. So in order to make your life a bit easier, we’re going to show you an easy way out. 

That’s right, in this article we’re going to talk about the best right angle finderscope. We’ve researched a lot for your convenience and you can pick one of the reviewed finderscopes for your easiness. 

Well, let’s get started then, shall we?

Comparison Table

Product Adjustment Field of View
Celestron Illuminated RACI Finder Scope Bracket with two o-rings and dovetails  5 degree 
Orion 07212 9×50 Right-Angle Correct-Image Finder Spring Loaded X-Y 5 degree
Orion 7211 Black 6×30 Right-Angle Correct-Image Finder Spring Loaded X-Y 7 degree
Astromania 9×50 Angled Finder Scope Two screws and a spring 5-degree 
SVBONY SV182 Finderscope Bracket  5-degree 


Celestron Illuminated RACI Finder Scope

Let’s start with the best one out there! We’re talking about the Finder Scope from the renowned brand- Celestron. 

This is the best finder scope in our opinion. It’s black, it’s of great quality. And, it’s designed for astronomers who have basic knowledge about the stars. 

The “Celestron 9×50 Right Angle Correct Image (RACI) Illuminated Finder” is an excellent enhancement to many Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes’ stock finderscopes.  

Let’s get into the features of this finderscope-  

It has a magnification of 9X and a seeming field of view of 5 degrees. Here, the 50mm optics deliver bright, clear pictures. You can use this for viewing in the daylight as well.

Meanwhile, the right-angle, proper-image design keeps items upright and correct from left to right. This makes it easier to detect and track the items as they move across the field of vision. You can even adjust the eyepiece module side-to-side to find the ideal viewing angle. 

Whether you’re aligning your computerized telescope or looking for deep-sky items on your own, the eyepiece’s double-crosshair reticle makes it very simple to focus an image. Here, the double-crosshair makes it easy for you to spot the stars hiding up in the sky. 

Also, the reticle can be targeted independently of the finder. A battery-powered illuminator casts a faint red glow across the crosshair, which can be easily adjusted by twisting the on/off knob. 

Furthermore, a strong bracket with two rings and an integrated dovetail is included with the Celestron 9×50 RACI Finder. 

With the big thumbscrews, adjusting the alignment of the finder is simple. The dovetail makes it simple to install and detach most Schmidt-Cassegrain and EdgeHD optical tube assemblies without altering the finderscope’s alignment. Hence, it’s easier to adjust and work with. 


  • Doesn’t strain the neck.
  • Includes bracket ring for easy adjustment
  • Illuminated cross-hair reticles help you to spot the stars 


  • It’s not for amateur use because it doesn’t have a manual  
  • O-rings might pop out but at least there’s no technical issue with it.


Orion 07212 9×50 Right-Angle Correct-Image Finder

So now let’s talk about the second-best right angle finderscope. That’s right people, another solution to your strained neck. Now, who wants a strained neck? No one, I guess. 

That’s why getting this one could solve some immediate problems. Also, it goes pretty smoothly with your Orion telescope. 

Here, it has a right-angle viewing orientation. Which gives your eyesight a bit of relief when you’re watching the sky. You don’t have to put effort into looking at celestial objects with this orientation. 

Moreover, it has a powerful 9x crosshair finder scope. The magnification is more than enough to observe brighter planetary objects.

A vivid image via the finder is provided by the 50mm diameter lens. It also allows for simple targeting anywhere in the sky.

Here, the finder’s right-angle design allows you to operate it without squatting or craning your neck in an uncomfortable posture. So, you can sit comfortably as you want and pursue your hobby. Isn’t it everyone’s dream?

When the typical finders might provide you with an upside-down image, with this you can get a correct vision. Not only that, but it’s also suitable for daytime viewing as well. Because it won’t flash your eyesight. 

Lastly, it does have a coated glass and a 5-degree field view. This reduces light reflections and increases the clarity of the picture. The image looks sharp and bright. 


  • Produces great images 
  • Very flexible
  • Usable in daylight 
  • Good magnification power to observe planetary objects


  • The package doesn’t come with a bracket
  • You might have some problems with dialing it 


Orion 7211 Black 6×30 Right-Angle Correct-Image Finder

We’re reviewing yet another finderscope from Orion. If you don’t like finders that use red dots, you’re going to love this one for sure. 

Let’s find out why you should buy this and what you can do with it- 

The optical quality is the most critical criterion, and this finder meets it. The images are bright and crisp, and focusing the finder on terrestrial or astronomical subjects is simple. 

Many right-angle finders use a diagonal mirror to produce an erect image that is inverted left to right, making them more useable for land use than the usual upside-down finderscope vision, but still not perfect. 

Whereas, this one makes use of an amici prism to produce upright and accurate left-to-right images, making it easier to utilize for earthbound targets. 

Besides this, the 6×30 finder scope has a 90-degree viewing angle and perfect daytime image orientation. So you don’t have to be restrictive in your movements. 

Also, the right-angle construction allows you to aim your telescope without lowering or craning your neck. By displaying an upright, non-reversed image, this crosshair finder sight makes aiming simple.

The Finder Scope has a 6x magnification power, a 30mm objective lens, and a 7 field of view. Achromatic glass lenses with full coatings produce sharp, bright images.

Added to this, the alignment is perfectly easy as well, it used 2 screws to mount the piece to the telescope. If you’re doubting if 2 screws are enough to grip tightly with the telescope, trust me it works perfectly well. 

The dovetail mount is handy since the link between the finder mount and the telescope has a very little wobble, so you won’t have to adjust the finder to the main scope when you withdraw it for storage and then put it all back on.


  • Exceptional correct-image optics 
  • Easy to focus 
  • Surprisingly simple to align 
  • Rigid mounting with a tall stalk
  • Objective and eyepiece caps


  • Expensive 
  • Can’t seem to rotate the crosshairs 


Astromania 9×50 Angled Finder Scope

Turning into a maniac looking for the perfect finderscope? Not to worry, Astromania finderscope is here to suffice your needs. This is one of the best finderscopes we’re reviewing. 

The Astromania 6×30 Finder Scope is a well-built finder that produces perfectly accurate images. Without this function, regular finders will produce an upside-down, mirrored image. 

Honestly, the images are sharp, with a focus that can be adjusted. Besides this, the device is light, so it won’t knock your scope off balance.

Brighter DSOs are directly visible via a 9×50 finderscope with a 50mm objective lens diameter. With the help of an inbuilt prism, this finder displays the image correctly. 

This is crucial if you’re using a star map to locate an item because your perspective will match the map perfectly!

It adds a significant number of additional stars to the mix, which is a big benefit for correctly locating objects. Even at the zenith, the 90° viewing angle makes searching considerably easier and more pleasant.

At 9x magnification, the achromatic optics produce a vivid, true-to-life image. Furthermore, the optical surfaces have been multi-coated to eliminate bothersome reflections. 

With two adjustment screws, this finder is simple to align. It’s designed to fit into a screw that attaches to your telescope.

The finder attaches to most telescopes and allows for simple focusing at the objective lens. To use this telescope, you must first use a wide-angle finder to locate the item you want to see. 

The object is then observed in your telescope at a higher magnification once it has been centered in the finder’s crosshairs.

It has a mounting dovetail that is similar to Celestron’s. Two screws and a spring are used to adjust the alignment of the finder scope. 

The finder’s optics are good, and it gathers enough light to see the most bright nebulae and star clusters. You’ll receive a great deal for a great performance.


  • Great optics 
  • Reasonable price 
  • Very flexible and easy adjustment


  • The o-ring that comes with it might be cheap
  • If you don’t adjust it right, the front will wobble


SVBONY SV182 Finderscope

Lastly, we have an SVBONY finderscope for you to relax and watch the stars. You might have some doubts about this one, but let us assure you one thing. 

We’re sure it’s great if you do not want to strain your neck focusing too much on the sky. 

It has very impressive light-gathering capabilities. The aperture is 30 mm wide. The high light-gathering power allows you to detect dim sky objects you cannot find with your basic finderscopes.

Trust me, its 120mm focal length is an appropriate focal length for your observation. Also, 6x crosshair with reticles will help you line up your target. 

It’s easy to observe because it has a 90-degree right angle. This is a comfortable observing angle that enhances the finder’s experience; There’s no need to stoop or twist your neck. So, improve your observational experience with this finderscope. 

Prism steering was added to the finder optical system to get an erect image, this easily meets the habit of people’s constant observation. 

This contains a fully multi-coated lens coating that improves light transmissions. This allows for a clear view of the night sky and ensures a sharp and brilliant image.


  • Great focal length. 
  • Great magnifying power to find things easily in the sky.
  • You don’t have to strain your neck anymore. 


  • You have to be very careful while mounting this piece 


Buying Guide

Before you waste your money on something you do not want to have in the first place, we urge you to go through the buying guide. That way, you’ll know what you’re looking for in the first place. 

Plus, it’ll save you time and money and you’ll be happy with your buying decision. Let’s begin-

Right Image

You’re using the finderscope for a reason, right? So you don’t have to bother about the image being upside down in a telescope. So before you buy a finderscope, make sure it will give you the right image. 


Hobbies are amazing but do not end up getting neck pain. And if your finderscope isn’t resolving this problem, it’s not competent at all. Make sure that it can be easily rotated on any axis you want. 


Easily viewing the image is great, but clarity is very important here. Is the finderscope suitable for viewing in daylight? Does it cut down the flare and increase contrast to suit your eyesight? If so, it’s the one for you.


The adjustment needs to be easy with the finderscope and it cannot be wobbly while viewing at all. 


Question: Is the Finderscope always upside down?

Answer: No, the finderscope isn’t upside down. Rather, it produces upside-down images when related to the human eye. 

Question: Is it possible to align finderscopes at night?

Answer: It’s a tough task at aligning finderscopes at night.

The Verdict 

Well, let’s not bore you with more of finderscope talks. We think there are enough details for you to choose your own finderscope now. 

You can choose the best right angle finderscope, do let us know how it works out for you. 

Good Luck!

Celestron Illuminated RACI Finder Scope, Black (93781)

as of July 19, 2024 2:49 am

Orion 8x50 Right-Angle Correct Image Crosshair Finder Scope

as of July 19, 2024 2:49 am

Astromania 9x50 Angled Finder Scope, Black - You Will no Longer Need to Strain Your Neck at Difficult Angles and are Also able to Search for Objects which are not so Easy to find

as of July 19, 2024 2:49 am

SVBONY SV182 Finderscope, Right-Angle Correct-Image Optical Finder, 6x30 Finder Scope for Astronomy Telescope, with Crosshair and Bracket

as of July 19, 2024 2:49 am

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