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Who Makes Apache Cases? Find the Better One!


A lot of us have delicate electronics. As a photographer who needs their cases to be perfect, we get you. 

As we have to choose wisely, we need all the information about the cases. However, we have your questions answered here. 

So, who makes apache cases?

To answer it, Hangzhou Gude Tools Co. Ltd. is Asia’s largest PP/ABS toolbox maker. Besides, they specialize in PP/ABS/metal toolboxes, safety protective cases, and tool kits. Also, they specialize in fishing boxes. And harbor freight apache cases are made by the case club. It’s a company in the USA.

Still not clear about the whole thing? Well, keep on reading to find more!

What is an Apache Case? 

An apache case is a very hard case or container. It is made of polypropylene which is highly durable. And it has a pick and pluck foam. So that the items stay in place without being scratched. 

Also, it has a pressure relief valve for opening under pressure. On the other hand, it is spacious and has secure hinges. So that nothing gets out of it accidentally. 

What is the Use of the Apache Case? 

Well, an apache case mainly protects sensitive items. Such as cameras, photography tools that are delicate and easy to break. The lenses of the cameras are very delicate. Although, 18 and 24 megapixels differ; they are pricey. This is why they should be protected. It also protects handguns and microphones. 

It saves them from dust and water. Also, if the case falls, it will not affect the equipment inside it. It is designed in a way so that the easily breakable equipment stays safe. 

What is a Pelican Case?

It is a tough and hard case. It is similar to the apache cases. A pelican case is made of polypropylene copolymer. 

Which has chemical resistance properties. Also, it has an automatic pressure equalization valve that gets out the air pressure. 

Normally, the air pressure is built up. It also has a pick and pluck foam for customizing the interior of the case. 

What is the Use of a Pelican Case?

As said above, pelican cases are similar to apache cases in many ways. Because it also protects and stores delicate electronics. Especially tools that are related to photography. 

The foam that the case has, helps the delicate electronics to stay in their place unharmed. The solid wall construction helps in keeping the electronics secure and free of dust. 

Also, the pelican case is waterproof as it can cause serious damage to the electronics. 

But, the pelican cases differ from model to model. Such as, between pelican 1535 and 1510 differences are present slightly. 

Who Manufactures Apache Cases?

The largest manufacturer of apache cases is Hangzhou gude tools. Co.ltd. Its sales volume is over 46 million in the year 2016. And, it is a Chinese company. 

Furthermore, harbor freight apache cases are made by the case club. It is a company in the USA. 

On the contrary, pelican cases are made in the USA.

Apache or Pelican Cases – Which One is Better? 

Till now, we have seen what these cases are, and what are they made of. Now we are going to take a look at a quick comparison between them. 

Factors  Apache Case Pelican Case
Cost  Cheap Costly 
Weight  Lightweight  Lightweight 
Versatility  More  Less 
Dust protection  Same  Same 
Water resistance  It does not guarantee to give protection underwater.  It guarantees to give protection underwater for a maximum of 1 meter. 
Durability  Crushproof  Crushproof 

So these are the varying factors among apache and pelican cases. Now let us dig into a detailed comparison. Stay with us!


Well, the cost is a major issue. It is the main reason for the apache cases to be loved by the buyers. Because the apache cases are cheap and handy. They are affordable to almost everyone. It is said to be a pelican case but cheaper.

On the other hand, pelican cases are costly. This is why not everyone can afford them. And although it has good features, most people can’t afford it. And a lot of people question if they should buy Pelican cases.


Both case weights are defined by their models. There are different sizes and models for both cases. But, they are lightweight and easier to carry around. 


In the case of versatility, the apache case has it better than the pelican case. Because the apache case has the pick and pluck foam. They have more than 1 foam so that more small stuff can be kept inside. 

On the other hand, pelican cases have only one pick and pluck foam. This is why they can carry less stuff. 

Dust Protection 

Apache cases from the harbor are generally rated ip65 and pelican cases are rated ip67. Here, it is the ingress protection rate. The first digit refers to the level of protection of solid particles. Or dust going in. 

In this case, both cases have the same digits. That means both have the same level of protection for solid part particles. 

Water Resistance 

As said above, the first digit of the IP represents protection from dust. On the other hand, the second digit refers to the level of protection from water. 

Now, the second digit of the IP of the apache case is 5. This means it is resistant to water, but not from too much.

Besides, the second digit of the IP of the pelican case is 7. It means the case will be protected from immersion or submersion to water. Also, up to 1 meter.


Both cases are durable and crushproof. They can be in rough situations and still be unharmed. Because of its solid and rock-hard construction.  

So, these are the detailed comparison between apache and pelican cases. Now you can understand the differences between them. Which are cost, water resistance, versatility and so on. 

Wait up, don’t go yet. This article cannot end without suggesting the best case for you. Mark my words, you won’t be disappointed. 

Product- 1
Product- 2

These are the cases that you can go for. They will be long-lasting and work great for you!


Question: Where are the Seahorse cases manufactured?

Answer: Well, to answer it, seahorse cases are mainly manufactured in southern California. They are making seahorse cases since 1997. These are hard, dustproof, crush resistant and waterproof cases that come in all sizes. It also offers rolling cases for easier portability. 

Question: What are the Seahorse cases made of?

Answer: These are made of polycarbonate, calcium carbonate with polypropylene, and nylon. In addition, manufacturers use fiberglass reinforced abs for making them bulletproof. 

Question: What is a Peli case?

Answer: It is a brand of injection moulded case made of plastic. Also, it offers a high level of protection. It is famous for its dust protection, strength, higher impact resistance. Furthermore, it is rated ip67 and it is chemical resistant. 


Well, we are hoping that now you know who makes apache cases. And, which one is better between apache and pelican cases. 

While apache cases are cheaper and versatile, pelican cases are more water-resistant. Choose wisely.

Time to say goodbye my friend, Good luck!

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