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Celestron StarSense Problem: Fix It Now!


The StarSense in Celestron telescope is an industry-leading technology. Especially when it comes to locating celestial bodies. But it often faces several issues at different stages of the locating process.

So, how can we fix the Celestron StarSense problem?

Carefully align the telescope with the finder so that they are set up correctly. Properly place the camera in the bracket and use proper eye-pieces.  The StarSense app might have trouble pinpointing the correct object due to unoptimized camera control. Turn on the camera setup assistant.

Still having trouble getting it right? We present you with an elaborated article on the problems and their possible fixes. Why not take a quick read to educate yourself about the StarSense app issues?

Fixing The Celestron StarSense Problems

The StarSense Explorer is a brilliant app developed with the goal of enhancing user experience. It’s a great app for locating distant celestial objects. Unfortunately, like all other great technologies, the app also faces various technical difficulties when in use. 

These problems can often be frustrating and require immediate fixing. Here are some of the problems and ways to fix them-

StarSense Failing To Locate Telescope

The StarSense app will get stuck in finding the telescope position. This will keep going on forever. You might get an error message from StarSense, saying it was unable to locate the telescope.

This problem might surface due to the inaccurate alignment of the telescope with the smartphone. Positioning the camera incorrectly will hinder the StarSense from locating the telescope.

Placing the telescope on an unstable viewing surface will make the operation difficult for StarSense. Surfaces prone to vibration, like a soft lawn or wooden deck will cause error.

Finally, unoptimized and unattended camera control in the app can cause this issue.


Start off by aligning the smartphone to the telescope. Align the telescope’s red dot finder to an assigned object and use a 25mm eyepiece. Center the object in the telescope by gently moving the tube until it’s centered.

Look in the finder and notice the red dot after the object is centered. If the red dot isn’t centered, move the finder until the red dot is centered. Make sure that the target is centered in both the finder and telescope. This will properly align the target and get rid of the alignment problem in the Celestron.

Make sure that your camera is properly positioned by placing it in the smartphone bracket. Remove any kind of phone cover as it may prevent operation. After that, place the telescope on solid concrete surfaces, like cement to avoid vibration. Turn ON the camera set up assistant in the telescope app.

That’ll be enough for the telescope to accurately pinpoint its own location.

Inaccurate Pointing and Auto Aligning

This is a tricky one that can happen due to multiple reasons. The StarSense app will give inaccurate pointing to objects in such cases. 

This problem can be blamed on the previous reasons we’ve explained. Improper alignment and incorrect camera positioning. But there are more reasons why this problem can surface.

Eyepieces of telescopes hugely impact the consistency of telescope pointing. 25mm eyepieces can be very limiting when it comes to having a wide field of vision. This isn’t enough for consistent pointing accuracy.


We recommend telescope eyepieces that are at least 32mm or above. This will significantly improve the pointing consistency of the telescope. 

We’ve picked some of the finest eyepieces for Celestron telescopes out there in the market-


As instructed in the previous fix, try to perfectly align the telescope and the camera. Errors in such cases will lead to improper pointing.

AutoAlignment Error

This is a very unusual error with no particular known reason for the occurrence. The user will receive a message stating ‘’Alignment error too large.’’ after a while of auto-aligning.


Make sure that you are using the StarSense during the night. You can’t test the Starsense app during the day.

Restoring the StarSense to default settings might get you out of this problem. To do that, go to Menu > Hand Control > Reset To Defaults and Menu > StarSense> Reset AIS Camera.

Consult the tech support team of StarSense for more information about this. You might need to wait a couple of days for a Celestron rep to answer you.

Keep a log of your saved images from the telescope and send it to the StarSence. This information will help Celestron to sort out the problem and help improve their product.

That’s all we have regarding the StarSense app. Follow the above-mentioned instruction to dribble past the problems. If it still persists, it might be because there’s a problem in your AVX mount. Inspect and fix them as soon as possible. That will help improve your exploring experience.


Question: Can I take pictures with StarSense?

Answer: Yes, it’s possible to capture pictures with StarSense. It’ll require a second camera, including an adapter for the camera to connect. You can also use the phone of your camera the same way to connect to Starsense. 

Question: How do I command the Celestron Telescope to locate objects with my phone?

Answer: Hold your phone directing towards the celestial object you want to see. When the celestial object appears in the phone’s display, tap on the celestial object. Select the ‘’GoTo’’ option and your telescope will automatically find the object for you.

Question: What Is SkyAlign?

Answer: The Skyalign is a method to align a telescope that is computerized. This provides the user to accurately align the telescope to the desired object. It is user-friendly and built around creating an optimal user experience.


We’ve helped you fix your Celestron StarSense problem. Hopefully, you were successful in resolving the issues regarding the app. 

The StarSense itself is a brilliant app, but it can be frustrating for its vague manual. So we suggest you visit the Celestron StarSense webpage for more information.

Leave us a comment if you have any further inquiries. Have a great day!

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