meade autostar controller troubleshooting

Meade Autostar Controller Troubleshooting [Full Guide]


Your Meade Autostar controller can be troublesome at times for various reasons. It is also usual to stop working completely after you use it. However, you do not have to discard it right away. It’s important to have one that is repaired and working.

Would you like to know about Meade Autostar controller troubleshooting?

There could be a variety of causes and a variety of troubleshooting methods. For display problems, you have to check your HBX port. For a beeping problem, you have to check the Timer or Alarm. If your Autostar does not rotate to the right position, could you check the telescope’s steadiness and alignment?

That’s not all, though. We have put together this article to provide detailed instructions on resolving these difficulties on your own!

So, what’s the snag here? Let’s get started!

Different Problems and Troubleshooting Methods

If you are having problems with the Meade Autostar Controller, the following solutions may be helpful.

There Is No Indication On The Autostar Screen

Many people face this type of display problem. For the solution, first, you have to check the coil cable. Please ensure the coil cable is securely attached to the HBX connector on the control panel.

On the other hand, this problem can happen because of low battery. So, you must check whether the telescope battery packs are placed correctly. And also, could you check if those have enough charge?

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The Autostar Alarm Is Going On

Suppose you discover that your Autostar controller is beeping continuously. The alarm or timer alert feature may have been engaged. So, could you turn that feature off and stay calm?

Autostar Does Not Rotate To The Proper Aim

It is possible that the telescope mount could be more steady. If you are using Alt/Az One Star adjustment or it has been relocated after alignment. Re-align the telescope after verifying the stability and alignment of both the telescope and mounts.

To discover objects, look down the side of the telescope’s main tube or utilize the viewfinder. Practice centering items in the telescope’s field of vision with the Autostar Arrow keys. As well as bringing objects into focus with the telescope’s focus knob.

Now let’s talk about the easiest procedure for alignment. An easy Two-Star alignment is the quickest and easiest method to start observing using Autostar’s GO-TO capabilities.

And for Easy Two-Star Alignment operation, Autostar takes two stars from its database. Autostar slews the scope to the very first aligning star during the Easy Alignment technique. The user is instructed to double-check that the scope is aimed toward the desired principal before centering the object in the area. 

To complete the alignment, the process is repeated with a second star.

Sun Warning

To make sure the warning has been read and understood, please press the key provided by Autostar.

To Proceed

Press ENTER. To reach the Autostar Help instruction, use the Speed/? Key. To exit the lesson at any point, press MODE.

Enter Current Date

If you still need to do so, type in the current date and hit ENTER.

Enter Current Time

If you haven’t already, please enter the present time. Choose among “AM,” “PM,” or a 24-hour clock (blank). Then hit the ENTER key.

Daylight Savings

Select “Yes” or “No” for daylight savings time. If you haven’t already, you can press ENTER.

On the other hand, it is also possible that the motors aren’t calibrated properly. Click the “Select Item: Setup” menu, then navigate to the Telescope option to re-calibrate the engines. Select “Telescope” with ENTER, then scroll down to “Calibrate Motors.” 

When you press ENTER again, the screen reads “Testing Motors.” Attempt to observe after re-aligning the telescope. If the issue persists, a Reset could be required.

It’s critical to realize that menu options are made in a loop. This implies hitting that Scroll Down key loops through all the alternatives available within a specific category before returning to the initial choice. 

In the reverse sequence, the Scroll Up key goes up through the selections. This option is a speedy method to get to an item at the bottom of the list.

The Power Indicator Light: Not Turning On

If you face a problem while activating, the AutoStar arrow buttons or the power light is not turning on. Then check the power switch. It is on the control panel. Please turn it on.

Suppose you are using an external source of power. Then you can check that the external power source is correctly connected between the 12-volt connection and a power adapter (AC source). Or a vehicle’s cigarette lighter if using one, which is a DC source.

If your AutoStar does not react to orders, could you turn off and then turn on the power switch?

Can’t See Anything Through The Eyepiece

Suppose you face this type of problem. First, could you verify that the telescope’s lens shield or cover has been removed?

When using the eyepiece holder, make sure the flip-mirror lever is in the “up” position so that light is redirected to the eyepiece. If you are using Erecting Prism or taking photos, ensure the flip-mirror button is set to “down.”

Never look directly at The sun with your Autostar. It should never be used to rotate a telescope to the sun! Your eye will suffer immediate and irreparable damage if you look at or around the Sun. 

Because eye injury is typically painless, the viewer is unaware that damage has happened until it’s too late. A telescope or its eyepiece should not be pointed at or toward the Sun. 

When looking through with a telescope or even its eyepiece while it is moving, do not gaze through it. While observing, children should always be supervised by an adult.


For my Meade autostar controller, which software do I need?

Your Meade telescope’s Autostar Suite Software offers a comprehensive digital astronomy solution. Custom catalogs’ tour generation and object selection have been fixed. The DSI part of and basic picture processing application is Envisage Version 7.05.

What is Meade Autostar Suite, and how does it work?

The Meade Autostar’s open design lets you update running software. This software loads events like meteors, spacecraft, and small solar system bodies and exchanges or “clones” this information with the other Autostars. Your Meade telescope’s Autostar Suite Software is a full digital astronomy solution.

How do I focus on a Meade telescope using the Autostar controller?

To obtain accurate picture focus, the Focus Knob adjusts the telescope’s focuser drawtube inside a delicate motion. To focus on far items, turn the focus knob clockwise and to focus on nearer objects, turn it counterclockwise.


We hope you’ve figured out everything regarding your meade autostar controller troubleshooting. I hope you’ve found some simple solutions to independently solve your controller’s problem.

When using the Meade autostar controller, please always use caution. Otherwise, you may accidentally harm the components.

We can talk again in a bit. Have pleasure with your meade autostar controller and telescope till then!

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